Can Your Cat be Your Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City

Cat be Your Wedding Officiant

Are you trying to find the best wedding officiant in OKC? Well, finding one isn’t so difficult. Some people have their wedding officiant wandering about their house! Do you know what we’re talking about here? It’s your pet cat! It’s possible to make your cat your own weddings officiant or wedding minister in Oklahoma. Of course, your pet cat won’t be reading the vows and completing all the obligations as described by the religious guidelines. But, you can dress up your furry family member at the event and make it stand right next to the pastor.

So, how do you make that happen? Well, you have to train and prep your adorable pet in a way that it doesn’t disturb or cause a strain on its well-being. Plus, you may already know that most cats are secretive and don’t do well in crowds. So compared to a dog, you may have to spend considerably more time training your pet cat.

Tips to Make Your Cat Your Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma

It’s near impossible to make animals understand what you’re saying. But that’s the beauty of keeping a pet. When you care for your pet animal, such as a cat, feed it, and medicate it, a special bond is developed. Despite the absence of speech abilities in most pets, they can communicate with their owners through actions and different sounds. The special bond may motivate you to train your cat to become a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City at your wedding ceremony.

But if you’ve trained your cat previously, you may already know how tough it can be. However, with the right tips and guide by your side, you can make the most out of your wedding event. After all, the pet you care about so much and include in nearly all aspects of your life can’t be ignored or eliminated from your wedding occasion.

So, check out the amazing tips and techniques below to ensure that your cat is ready to act as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City.

Always Be Realistic

Don’t expect your cat to act like a bridesmaid when you want it to be a marriage officiant at your wedding. Bridesmaids tend to listen and follow all the little details you provide them. But, being realistic with your pet cat is a big deal. The cat won’t necessarily listen to all your orders and commands just because it’s your big day. They can keep ignoring all calls and orders despite the level of affection you show them if their mood is off.

So, don’t expect your cat to listen to you because it’s your wedding day. Try to put the right amount of time into training your cat and making it accustomed to the wedding crowd. Besides, everyone loves a great crowd-pleaser, and what could be more interesting than a cat being a wedding officiant in Oklahoma?

Don’t Get Frustrated

It’s common to get irritated or even frustrated with the idea of making your cat the wedding officiant on your big day, especially when they’re not listening or following the instructions. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your cat the wedding officiant at all. You should remain motivated and acknowledge the perks of including your furry family member in your LGBTQIA+ wedding. It’s not every day that you will be getting married, and therefore, you must think of a creative way to include your pet cat in your big day.

During the training sessions and at other times, you will have a ton of tasks and different responsibilities. But, that should frustrate or trigger you when training your cat. Animals can’t talk and share their thoughts on the matter. So, being patient and considerate towards your cat will yield the best results.

Be on Time and Assess Your Cat’s Behavior

As established earlier, your cat won’t necessarily act as a wedding minister in Oklahoma City or anywhere else. You must make sure that you’re not causing too much trouble for your dear pet by involving them on your big day. Some pets love solitude and are often triggered by extensive crowds, especially when the crowd tends to stay for longer durations (like on a wedding). Make sure your cat isn’t a “hiding type.” That means your cat must be either pleased by a crowd or remain relaxed when huge groups of people are rushing by.

Otherwise, it’s not a good idea to include your pet cat if crowds don’t please it. Once you know that your cat will be comfortable in front of a crowd, you can create a training schedule. Regular training sessions will create a habit in you and your pet.

Hire a Pet Trainer

You can’t always train your cat on your own to be the wedding officiant in Oklahoma on your big day. However, you can go for professional support. Many professional trainers will love the idea of a cat being the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City. Make sure you discuss your requirements and the behavior (nature) of your cat with the professional trainer to learn the possibility of having your cat serve as a wedding minister on your big day.

Find the Perfect Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma

You can include your pet cat as a wedding minister in Oklahoma City in your LGBTQIA+ wedding. If you want, your pet cat can read the wedding vows side by side with the OKC wedding officiant that you hire. Including your pet cat in your wedding can be fun and interesting. So, make sure you’re always patient and considerate with your pet when training it for the special occasion regardless of its nature. Besides, it does not consent with the idea. You’re better off otherwise.

At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing offer professional wedding officiant services in Oklahoma City. In Oklahoma, finding a wedding officiant of such excellence and quality isn’t easy. If you’re from the LGBTQIA+ community willing to include someone progressive and liberal as your wedding officiant, you will find both individuals highly suitable for the job.

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