Exceptional Ways to Inculcate Your Cat into Wedding Photography Oklahoma City

Cat into Wedding Photography Oklahoma City

Do you own a cat and love him/her/they endlessly? Do you want your cat to be a part of your every celebration, especially your wedding ceremony? If yes, then this blog caters especially to the couples who have started planning their big day.

The internet is filled with cute pictures of cats being involved in weddings. However, incorporating a cat into your wedding can prove to be quite challenging. Especially when having wedding photography, they can create a fuss and also ruin some photos.

It is true that involving a pet on your wedding day can be a tough feat, but still, you would not want your cat to be missing your special day. With wedding photography OKC, you can have the perfect picture clicked with your fluffy sidekick and cherish them for your entire life.

Creative Ways to Integrate Your Cat in the Wedding Ceremony:

We have put together several ways through which you can take inspiration for involving your cat on your big day. Take a look below:

Mention Your Cat in the Ceremony:

Your pet is an important part of the family, so it is only fitting that you mention them in your ceremony. To do this, you can dedicate a cute poem or a small piece of writing for them. Moreover, you can allocate a special place for your cat at the wedding.

This way, they will be in the wedding photography Oklahoma, and you can have their different moments captured on your wedding.

Tell Your Wedding Officiant OKC Beforehand:

We all love our pets, but there are some things you should know before bringing them to the alter. If making your pet, a part of this special day is important for you them tell an officiant early.

Your wedding officiant Oklahoma City may have more time than to think and come up with a plan on how to manage a cat-inclusive wedding.

Take As Much Photos As You Can With Your Cat:

You can have your cat be a part of the celebration by having them snap a few photos while you prepare for marriage. The familiar environment will make it easier for your cat to have good photos clicked.

Moreover, capturing pictures at home with your car will make the camera interaction easy for your fluff ball. Also, you can ask the photographer to click a few photos of your cat sitting near to your dress or just by simply sitting on the couch while you get ready for the ceremony.

These moments will then go into the wedding album and stay with you forever.

Make the Table Number by Using Your Cat’s Pictures:

Some couples choose to have customized table numbers for their big day, and it is another innovative idea that allows them to show off some of the kitty images they treasure. You can create an image based on your childhood memories or one which honors your cat in general.

Moreover, you can choose different pictures of your pet and make table number exclusive for every table. Make use of several pictures, and it will be a great way to make your furry pet an important part of the wedding.

Make Props for Your Cat:

You and your furry friend can join in on the fun by having them featured at every turn. Have a photoshoot for Save The Dates, incorporate their faces into invitations with an illustrator’s help or print menus on cats’ bags.

Moreover, you can design several photo props for your cat. Have the wedding photography OKC with those props, and it will turn out just great.

Walk Down the Aisle with Your Cat:

Another great way to honor your pet is to walk down the aisle with your cat. Your furry friend is not just your best pet but also an important companion who has been there for you throughout the good times and bad.

So why not walk down the aisle together with their favorite person in tow? You can dress them up any way that suits both of you–may be in a pretty frock or even bow tie. You can then ask your photographer to shoot every moment. Moreover, you can ask them to capture the candid moments with your fur friend that you will treasure for your entire life.

Another great way to let your furry friend be a part of your wedding is by asking your maid of honor or your man to bring it with them. Like in the TV show, ‘Friends,’ where the character Ross brings Mike’s pet to his wedding and makes his as his best man as well.

Wedding Vows:

If you are looking for a way to incorporate your furry friend in the wedding festivities, look no further than including them during ceremonies. Mentioning cats have been popular among those who want their pets recognized as family members.

By mentioning your cat in your wedding vows, you will not only be committing to your other half but also declaring your love for your pet and promising lifelong unconditional love and care with this furry member.

Make Your Cat a Ring Bearer:

Cats are so much more than just furry housemates. They can also be ring bearers at your wedding. Moreover, the photos will make them look adorable while doing the honor for you.

Also, when you see wedding photographs in the future, you will be happy to know that your furry friend was a part of your wedding and that your cat was looking absolutely adorable by being the ring bearer.

Besides, your cat is more than capable of capturing photos that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. You can find even your professional wedding photographers for a well-timed picture showing the ring on your cat’s paw or nose.

Have a Cat Themed Wedding:

The ultimate cat-themed wedding is not only super cool but also really fun. Your guests will be left in amazement when they see how much you love cats with all of the decorations. Some of the best ways to bring in a cat theme for your wedding day decor are through centerpieces and “Hiss” chairs.

You can also opt with giant yarn balls or even just use some faux fur as seating arrangements. You can find a variety of vintage items at flea markets that are perfect for your cat-themed wedding.

You might be surprised how many affordable options there are in this category, and with some rummaging, you will have all the pieces necessary to create memorable centerpieces or even cake Toppers.

Have Cat Themed Favor Boxes:

You can customize your favorite boxes in any way you want. So why not have those that are cat-themed? You can have the picture of your cat imprinted on the boxes with a little gratitude note.

Trust us that will look super cute. Moreover, you would not regret all these things. Your guest will absolutely adore your idea, and it will be more of a personalized wedding rather than a traditional one.

The Final Verdict:

There are a plentiful of ideas of how you can incorporate your favorite cat into your wedding. Moreover, a wedding is a great event to have all the beautiful photos captured with your pet.

You will have the best time watching all the videos and photographs of your cat-themed wedding, and your best buddy dressed perfectly on your big day.

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