Can you Hire a Friend as a Wedding Officiant?

Hiring a friend as a wedding officiant is becoming a growing trend among couples. Couples these days prefer to hire a friend for their marriage ceremony. But particularly those couples who are not associated with any religious organization or wanted to have a secular ceremony find this trend appealing. Officiating a wedding is not as simple as it seems. It comes with a lot of duties and rules that you cannot break.

Responsibilities of a friend as a wedding officiant

According to the experts, a person would spend at least 6 months planning on how to officiate a wedding. This time duration will help you in completing all the necessary activities required to officiate a wedding. From ordering certificates and official documents, managing minister registration, communicating with the couple on the ceremony creation, practicing, to working out the arrangements and details.

Interestingly, there are plentiful benefits of having a friend as a wedding officiant. First, it is most near to your heart and a more personal wedding than hiring a strange officiant that you have to be comfortable with.  As friends are really important part of your life, it is the best way to show your love for them by involving them in your big day. And most importantly, if you are tight on your budget then the idea of hiring a friend as a wedding officiant will help you in better ways.

Steps to follow before officiating a wedding

Here are a few steps that will help your friend to officiate a wedding.

  1. Registration process

The first thing is to review the registration process after the date is set. You need to fill out the necessary applications and make sure that you have your credentials to complete the registration process.

  1. Get yourself an ordained

The most essential step is to get ordained. Many online programs are available where you can get an ordained just by going through the application process.

  1. Court registration

Once you get ordained, make sure to get done with all the necessary paper works. There are some regions that demand official file credentials belong to the local court, while others do not.

  1. Discussion with a couple about their vision

Since a friend knows very well about your likings. Those who opt for the religious ceremony, there is a very well-defined template and style for them. But with secular weddings, couples want some intimate gathering. So as a wedding officiant discussing with them is important as it is their bid day.

  1. Take a review of the ceremony outline

Finalize the outfits, make a wedding script that includes an introduction. About the exchange of rings, and marriage announcement. Incorporate sweet stories about the couple and your heartfelt feelings for them. Reach out to the bride and groom and ask them to share their proposal story.

  1. Lastly, practice enough

Practice till the wedding day. Make yourself ready for public speaking as a wedding officiant.

In short, attending your friend’s wedding ceremony as a wedding officiant will going to be one of the unforgettable experiences.

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