How Expensive Does the Attractive Open Bar Cost for Arranging Weddings?

Do you like an open bar marriage? Have you ever seen an attractive open bar in a marriage? If you don’t have any idea, then you don’t need to take tension because we will tell you how costly open bar marriages are.

Open Bar Cost for Arranging WeddingsThe trend and necessity of every wedding reception is an open bar. If you want to give good memories to your guests, then open bar marriage is a good option. The wedding host bears all the cost of the open bar at a wedding.

The Ultimate Cost of Overall Bar Wedding Ceremony:

If you have 150 guests at a wedding ceremony, then the cost of an open bar per person is $11-$23. So, the overall cost is $1,650-$3,450 for 4 hours. Further, there are many varieties of alcoholic drinks that you can serve. The drinks are beer, vodka, rum, brandy, gin, whiskey, tequila, etc. For these drinks, the cost of an open bar per person increases between $15-$90. So the overall cost is $2,250-$13,500.

When you are choosing an Open bar, then keep in mind all the pros and cons of it. The wedding organizers and host must consider the overall budget when choosing an open bar. Many factors affect the open bar. These are the number of guests, type of open bar, and the type of drink to be served.

What Can Be the Overall Cost of an Open Bar Wedding?

We have gathered the statistics about the cost of open bar weddings from various sources that are mentioned below:

  • According to the Bridal Connotation of America, there are 170 guests at the wedding The fee for each guest is $16.50 that the barkeeper charges.
  • Many bars have a reserve of wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Besides this, if you want premium alcohol, then you have to pay an extra $3-$4 per person.
  • It cost $11-$33 per person, depending on the hotel keeper.
  • The cost of open bars is increasing to double or triple in the big cities because there is not everything commercial.
  • Some people want to save their money, so bring their drinks with them. However, they assure their friends or families to run the bar. We advise two glasses of drink per person for dinner. The bottles of wine that cost less than $15 have a cost of $2 per person. Its average cost can be increased to $20.
  • The domesticated beers you are bringing with you have cost $2-$5 per person. If you want to make a mixed drink, then its cost varies depending upon many factors.

What Will Be Included in the Overall Cost?

Many types of drinks must be served in an open bar. The drinks are scotch, tequila, white and red wine, bourbon, and vodka. Many other types are light Rum, Seagram’s 7, domesticated and smuggled beers.

It is predicted that one barkeeper can serve 100 people at a time. But this ratio of barkeeper to guest is more than the regular. At the party, there must be bibs and cups. So, cleanup facilities must be a part of the party.

Additional Costs:

  • In an event, the cost of a barkeeper is $30-$200 that a hotel charges. Most of the time, this amount is involved in the guest fee.
  • Most hotels choose to take hourly fees for their barkeepers. The hourly cost for a barkeeper might be $25. It can be involved in the arrangement fee.
  • You should make an idea of giving 10% to 20% of the alcohol bill to the barkeeper. It would be great to divide it among the rest of the bar staff. There are times when the barkeeper prepares a tip jar for people to tip while they
  • If you bring your wine, then the fees that a barkeeper wants for corking are around $1-$15 for one bottle. But if you bring a pack of six bottles of beer to barkeepers, then they mostly charge a $1-$5 package fee.
  • Bar Keepers charge for one person an extra $3-$5 if they use glass instead of plastic cups.


  • If you want to save your money, then you should bind your bar to certain drinks.

Shopping for an Open Bar:

  • Before hiring, ask the hotel service if the suggested price includes an open bar. Also, ask if you can bring your alcohol and if that would disturb the offered
  • Before signing a contract, ask about the charge assurance of the bar organizer who will be at your festivity.

Average Cost of an Open Bar at a Wedding in Ocean View Side:

In many nations, the alcoholic drink is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Most couples have no issue with the high price of an open bar. So, they like to choose open bars at their wedding to treat their guests well.

The charges for an open bar can be affected by many things. The price for an open bar is classified into three categories that are:

Low-Range Open Bars:

Suppose you want to do a traditional wedding that lasts for 4 hours. You have to pay $11-$23 per person. So, if you have approximately 150 people, then the average price is $1,650-$3,450. The selection of drinks for this category of open bar is limited to wine and beer.

Mid-Range Open Bars:

If you want a variety of drinks, then you should go for a mid-range open bar. There are many types of drinks such as whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, brandy, etc. If you have 150 guests, then the average price is $2,250-$13,500. It means the cost for each person is $15-$90. Besides this, if you choose this type of bar, then you can provide non-alcoholic drinks also.

High-Cost Open Bars:

It is the type of open bar for those who want to provide premium alcohol. The types of premium alcohol are Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, and Matalan. If you have 150 guests, then the average price is $2,700-$22,500. It means the cost for each person is $18-$95.

8 Professional Tips to Arrange a Budget-Optimized Open Bar:

1.Decide Who Will Provide for the Alcohol:

Buy alcohol in a larger amount which will decrease the total cost of the bar. You will also be able to save money by buying the beverages yourself. You can buy alcohol from storerooms and can get the concession.

As all the providing corporations of alcohol charge the customer by consumption of alcohol ($20-$30 per guest). So, you can buy drinks from the store, which has a refund rule.

2. Choose Between Flat-Rate-Pricing or Billing By Consumption:

You can pick a package with flat-rate pricing. You can also choose to price by consumption per alcohol in the bar. If you have a final guest list, and you are not familiar with their taste and habits. Then flat-rate pricing is the best option.

On the one hand, bar organizers typically refer to a price per guest. While on the other hand, in billing by drinking, you get charged by the amount of your consumption. This choice is better because you are well aware of the habits of your guests.

3. Determine What Type of Open Bar You Want:

There are several kinds of open bars like Beer and Wine bars which are usually for daytime weddings. As Beer and Wines are less costly than alcohol, you can choose to offer the guests a large amount.

4. Signature Cocktail Open Bar:

If you have a signature drink that you love, you can choose to have that drink at the bar. It is the best option for your wedding theme. You can estimate its costs, and it is more budget-friendly.

5. Limited Open Bar:

An open bar reception at a wedding with unlimited options would be a disadvantage for you. So limited or selected is the best choice for a wedding that you wish to last long enough. In a limited open bar, the guests are served only once in a 4-hour period.

6. Consider the Venue:

The cost of an open bar can be varied by the venue you choose for your wedding reception. The cost is double in many cities, but in a resort, you will charge triple for your wedding.

7. Compare rates from Different Bar Caterers:

Comparing the rates of different bar hotels is the best choice to have an open bar on budget. The overall cost can be affected by the choice of alcoholic drinks and the number of customers. It is also affected by the period of the wedding, venue location, and barkeeper fee.

If you hire a catering company to host, the bar, then the fee will be included in the package. The barkeeper must have charge assurance. If the catering company doesn’t provide barkeepers, then you can hire one.

8. Coordinate with the Bartender:

To make an open bar at the wedding less costly, you can ask the barkeeper to fill only half a glass. He should also know when to stop serving according to the situation. For example, if the guest is consuming excessively.

Tips to Save Money on the Open Bar at Your Wedding:

If these costs appear to be excessively steep for your spending plan, don’t lose trust. There are approaches to get a good deal on free drinks at your wedding. You can make a portion of the basic moves:

  1. A few settings permit you to bring your own liquor and your own bartender. If so, you might have to get a liquor license. With this choice, you can choose modest liquor yourself, perhaps from a distributor, and even pick a barrel. You can frequently return unopened containers and get your cashback, which is another advantage.
  2. Suppose you can purchase your own liquor; attempt to follow this top. We knew about one couple purchasing base rack wine and supplanting the names with custom wedding marks, so their wedding visitors wouldn’t feel like they were modest, and the containers would look charming and fit their wedding subject.
  3. Offer your visitors 2-3 beverage tickets each, and afterward, they pay for anything else after that. Individuals who don’t drink can give their passes to other people who need to drink more.
  4. If your open bar wedding scene is charging you a level rate for every visitor, inquire whether you can bar pregnant visitors, underage visitors, or any other people who don’t or will not be drinking.

Final Verdict:

Many other types of bars like self-service or cash bars are less expensive than a full open bar. But many couples, not all, prefer open bars at their weddings. If you want to please the guests, as well as save money. Then you should pick an intermediate option and host-adapted open bar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What amount do free drinks cost for an open bar wedding?

What amount are free drinks at a wedding? Your expenses can fluctuate a lot depending on the scene and liquor bundle you pick. For full free drinks with premium mixers, The Knot puts the normal expense at $4,147, while free drinks are restricted to less expensive spirits midpoints at $2,550.

2. Should open bar weddings have free drinks?

There is no assumption to have free drinks at your wedding, a few couples do, and others don’t; it’s completely dependent upon you. Typically, the couple will pay for somewhere around one beverage for every individual during the wedding breakfast and a glass of something air pocket to toast with.

3. What amount do free drinks cost per individual?

Most cooks publicize free drinks as limitless blended beverages, lager, wine, and non-cocktails. For an example of wedding destinations across the U.S., free drinks costs regularly range from $15 to $90 per individual for a four-hour gathering.

4. Is it impolite not to have free drinks at a wedding?

It’s completely fine to serve just lager and wine, or brew, wine, and a marked mixed drink. However long you give them something to drink that they’re not paying for, visitors can’t say anything negative with regard to the absence of free drinks.

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