Advantages of getting married during the second half of the year

If you are planning your marriage and still do not know in what month of the year to do it, here are some benefits shared by the expert wedding officiants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These are the reasons why you will surely decide that this date is during the last six months of the year. Great weather, theme parties and much more!

Choosing the date of the wedding day is not an easy task, because, in addition to reviewing the availability of time that both you and the guests have, it is very important to keep in mind other aspects that directly influence the place where the event will be held. You must also consider the types of floral arrangements for the wedding, and even the type of wedding dress or groom suit they will wear. Here are some reasons why your marriage cards should be dated within the last 6 months of the year.

1.     Open calendar! Availability of places

These are months in which there is the availability of places and alternatives to celebrate, perhaps, your outdoor marriage, whether it is a place close to your residence or another that is geographically further away. The offers can vary, thanks to the number of holidays, among other things.

Recommendation: keep in mind the holidays that are scheduled in the US during these months (national holidays) or other family celebrations that already have an assigned date, and play with the calendar in your favor.

2.     Engagement and marriage the same year

If your engagement ring was delivered during the first months of the year and they decided that they want to seal their love in front of the altar in a short time, then it will be great to have this date in the second half of the year. You will have approximately 6 months for preparations.

3.     Weather: outdoor events and luxury photographic records

At this time the weather is really charming. Moreover, the climatic temperature allows both guests and you to wear innovative clothes in your bridal gowns. Not to mention the starry skies or the romantic sunsets that can be seen during this season.

Recommendation: Oklahoma, in general, has an excellent climate throughout the year; however, it is important that you check the weather for those days in your region you choose to get married. If, for example, it is a country marriage and open sky, it is key to have a plan B in case of sudden rains such as that of a tent or awning.

4.     Have you thought about a theme party? Great alternative!

Above all, if you plan any of the special celebrations of the second half of the year, such as Love and Friendship, Halloween, Candlelight Day, or even Christmas, it is perfect for a celebration with typical dishes and music.

Recommendation: it is key to choose the theme as soon as possible because this way you can start working on those little details that will make the living room decoration for marriage unforgettable for all the guests, who could perhaps wear 2020 party dresses according to the wedding affair. Dare to surprise them!

Are you looking for a professional to organize your marriage? We are the wedding officiants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we help you plan and organize your wedding and forget about stress.

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