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Hello, and  Welcome back to our YouTube channel today.  Being here we know that you love weddings which we try to keep you informed about. I’m Makayla, a wedding officiant. Today, wedding ministers near me share 5 tragic times runaway brides got cold feet at wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma we know you do not want to miss it so, don’t touch the dial, sit tight, and enjoy. Don’t forget that, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant you can reach out to us at (405) 696-6450

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Introduction to the video

So many people cannot wait for their wedding day, the mere thought of standing in public to declare their undying love to their partner makes them feel fuzzy and happy on the inside. For some people, their wedding day is a joyous occasion while for others, they become anxious and have cold feet which if not handled, they run away, leaving their partner at the altar. A wedding minister near me will be talking shortly about 5 times brides ran away from their wedding.

The Tulsan Bride

The first bride is who we will describe as the Tulsan bride. In 2015, the bride disappeared from the wedding ceremony. Efforts were made to find her by her friends and family members, including the groom. Hours later, she spoke to her groom, telling her that she developed cold feet and was not sure if marrying him was the best choice. Apparently, she still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend and was unsure if she would ever grow to love her groom during the course of their marriage.

The Oklahoma City Bride

The second tragic time runaway brides got cold feet at their wedding ceremony that a wedding minister near me was to officiate was in Oklahoma City. Before the wedding, the couple was the epitome of people in love. You could see them and literally see the love exuding from both of them. When the bride cited last-minute jitters as the reason she did not want to get married, we were shocked. Upon probing, the bride admitted that her groom was so close to her mother-in-law. She genuinely felt like her husband would always pick his mom over her. She stated that during the course of wedding planning, her groom had agreed with all his mom’s suggestions, not taking into consideration what she as the bride wanted for her wedding day.

The Broken Vows

While officiating a wedding ceremony in Broken Arrow, a wedding stopped mid-ceremony. When it came time for the exchange of vows, the bride confessed that she was not ready for marriage and did not have the capacity to be anybody’s wife at the moment. No matter what her groom said to change her mind, she did not budge, she left the wedding ceremony making everyone emotional because of how heartbroken the groom was. But, we can all agree that it is better the wedding did not go on only for them to turn up divorced weeks or months down the line.

The Edmond Escape

In Edmond, a bride fled her wedding ceremony. When she was later found and asked why she decided not to get married, she stated that she developed cold feet. Additionally, she was fearful about committing to one person for life and losing her independence. So, not getting married was the best option for her.

The Norman No-Show

In Norman, a bride did not show up for her wedding ceremony. Juat before her wedding ceremony commenced. She got a shocking revelation about her fiancé which made her change her mind. Her husband-to-be was not just a cheater but had impregnated the woman in the process. She wondered how the marriage would work when the would-be husband was already building a family outside their intended marriage. So, she gave him no opportunity to explain, and left the wedding ceremony.


Those are the five times brides have run away from their wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma that is shared here today. These stories are disheartening because of how the wedding ceremony turned out but as wedding ministers, we see the news for couples to maintain an open line of communication and honesty before and after their wedding because most of these issues would have been resolved. Reach out to a premarital wedding counselor for advice and to talk about your fears before you get married. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we are interested in your big day turning out great and memorable. So, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant with a proven track record, reach out to us at and, you can also call or text us at (405) 696-6450. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.

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