5 Reasons to Arrange a Pre-Wedding Love Story

Looking through the portfolio of wedding photographers, you probably saw a lot of love-story filming. Why do you need such photo shoots, and should you arrange a love story before the wedding? Wedding officiants at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma gives you some amazing tips to arrange a pre-wedding love story with your partner.

1. You will meet the photographer

The secret of beautiful wedding photos is not only in the level of professionalism of the photographer, but also in how comfortable the newlyweds feel in front of the camera. Can you open up to this person, show your feelings, be open and natural, as in life, or will you feel sandwiched and embarrassed?

It largely depends on the personality factor, on whether you feel “on the same wavelength” with the pros. The best way to understand this is to conduct a test shooting, during which you will find a common language, communicate, and on the wedding day you will not be shy about the camera.

If during a love story you feel that you are uncomfortable with this professional, or you don’t like the result, you will have time to find another photographer for the day of the celebration.

2. You will have experience in professional photography

It is difficult to feel at ease in front of the camera if you are not working with professional models and have no experience in filming. It will take time to find your perspectives and learn to pose. It often happens that the bride loves to be photographed, but the groom does not, and you need the practice of shooting together.

Let love stories become a practice: you will understand how to take romantic photos, even if you are embarrassed to kiss in front of the camera, and try out our life hacks for couples who think they don’t know how to take pictures. And at the wedding itself, you will already understand what awaits you in the process of a photo shoot, which means that one reason for excitement on such a crucial day will be less.

3. You will fulfill your dreams!

If you can’t bring all your ideas to life on your wedding day, make love-story dreams for yourself! Have you always dreamed of a gothic look and black dress? Or maybe shooting on a farm in eco-style or a romantic walk in the rain? Set aside a separate day for shooting to realize everything, even the most daring ideas. In addition, the pre-wedding love story can be held in a remote location, for example, in the mountains or on the beach – on the wedding day for long trips for beautiful views there simply will not be time!

If you worry that there will be no emotions of a wedding day, a special festive mood, then often remind yourself that the main feeling that you want to capture in the photo is your love. Will it be weaker the other day?

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4. You unload the wedding day

There is only one wedding day, but there is so much to do! You want to make a beautiful boudoir shoot, and take photos of the morning together, but at the same time separately photograph the moment of the first meeting in the images of the bride and groom, and be sure to take a walk before the ceremony, and then another at sunset.

Of course, there are not many photographs, but, unfortunately, in reality there may not be enough time for everything. After all, a wedding is not only a photo shoot, it is communication with relatives and friends, dancing, entertainment, toasts, the warmest hugs and tears of happiness … A wedding will fly by like a happy moment. You can make beautiful staged photos any day, but this moment cannot be repeated!

5. This is a great idea for a date.

When else would you go out of town, have a picnic or rent an atmospheric apartment on Airbnb, so that you lie in bed all day, watch your favorite movie and eat pizza? When would you have done professional makeup and put on that luxurious dress that has been gathering dust in the closet for a year now?

And even if you do not plan long trips and something extraordinary, just think, when will you take the whole day to just walk together and enjoy the moment? Have a brunch or go to a brunch in your favorite cafe – and invite a photographer with him to keep these moments in memory, which make up your happy life together. With these tips by the wedding officiants in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can arrange a perfect pre-wedding love story with your partner before the wedding.

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