10 ideas on how to make a large-scale wedding cozy

Is it possible to make a large wedding intimate so that each guest feels involved in the process? Surprisingly, yes! Your celebration can be cozy and comfortable, where all guests will feel at ease regardless of how large the list of guests is. Wedding officiants at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have some great ideas to share with you about hosting a large-scale wedding for your guests while making them feel comfortable and cozy. Here are 10 sure ways to do it.

Even when you have 100 guests, it can be difficult to devote time to everyone. And if there are 300 or 500 guests at a wedding, it is not surprising that some of them feel lonely and forgotten, do not find their place and are bored. Do you want to make everyone comfortable, everyone felt involved in your holiday and felt your attention? Use the following great ideas.

1. Arrange.

One way to chat with each of the guests is to have small parties for different companies before the wedding day. It can be rehearsal dinners, a bachelorette party and a bachelor party or just meetings during which guests can get to know each other and feel that they are important to you.

2. Let people immediately feel welcome.

For a “homely” atmosphere on the wedding day, a welcome cocktail is the best fit. Let the waiters offer all arrivals drinks and snacks so that guests have something to do while waiting for the start of the celebration. And small souvenirs like miniature bottles of champagne will let them feel your care and hospitality.

3. Think about how you can “reduce” the wedding venue.

So that a large area does not look uncomfortable, try zoning the space. For example, place the arch for the ceremony in the center of the room and place the chairs around it.

4. Use the right light.

Do not forget about lighting – warm light will make large-scale space more chamber and pleasant, and soft romantic lights (for example, candles and lanterns) will create a welcoming atmosphere. Avoid too bright and harsh light sources such as spotlights.

5. Create the feeling of a family holiday.

Instead of seating many guests at small round tables, choose long tables that will create a sense of presence at a family holiday.

6. Use low table compositions.

At a large wedding, tall and spectacular compositions on tables look appropriate. On the other hand, they interfere with communication. Therefore, if you want guests to feel comfortable, give preference to low, lush designs and vases or tall bouquets on a narrow frame.

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7. Consider serving dishes.

Your guests are guaranteed to communicate more with each other if you are planning a buffet, arrange food stations on the platform or divide the banquet hall into several interesting zones (for example, in different cuisines of the world). Your friends and relatives will have the opportunity to get up, take a walk and chat with each other, choosing dishes, and not sit throughout the dinner.

8. Chat with each of the guests.

An obvious and very important way to make everyone feel welcome: take the time to greet everyone. You can meet guests before the banquet or spend a few minutes at each table during dinner.

9. Organize a relaxation area.

This may seem strange, but organizing a cozy space outside the banquet hall (for example, a cigar room or lounge area with soft poufs) is an ideal way to encourage your guests to pack up and chat during logical breaks.

10. Invite everyone to dance.

Before your first dance, invite your guests to stand around the dance floor. You will definitely enjoy dancing surrounded by your family and friends, and guests will be able to recharge your energy and join you after the first dance.

With these tips from wedding officiants at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can arrange a large-scale wedding for your guests and make it homely for them.

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