10 best savings tips for your wedding

With the wedding dinner, wedding dress and location, the most beautiful day in a couple’s life can be expensive. To prevent this from happening, here are ten savings tricks.
Do we want to hire a DJ or would we prefer a live band? A big wedding party with 200 guests – or would you prefer to get married intimately in a small group?
Sometimes the preparations for the dream wedding are tricky, and sometimes very expensive. Instead of plunging into expenses or even taking out a loan, it is worthwhile to set a budget in advance and save costs with a few tricks.

Set wedding budget priorities

Prefer the designer wedding dress or the lavish party in the castle garden? If you are thinking about how to use your budget most efficiently, you should first make a list of the things.
Think about what is particularly important to you and your partner. Then distribute your budget. But don’t forget: A great meal or a good band create a better mood and positive memories among the wedding guests than the most expensive bouquet.

Plan your wedding date in your head

The trip to the registry office already costs a considerable fee, but the dream location is usually not exactly cheap in the wedding season. But instead of having the busy wedding season in the summer months from May to September, it is financially worthwhile to get married in winter.
After all, wedding pictures in a romantic winter wonderland can also be beautiful. But here, too, you should avoid getting married on public holidays or bridging days. Here, affordable locations are often booked up quickly, or are very expensive.
Tip: Better celebrate on a Friday or Sunday. If you also send the invitation cards a few months in advance, guests who live further away can plan the day and get cheap travel deals.

Set a Simple Wedding Theme

From the choice of clothes to the love balloons: many people want a special motto for the most beautiful day of their life. But instead of looking at a glamorous party in the luxurious 1920s style, something simpler would certainly be less of a headache for you and your guests. In addition, a single detail like a color – whether as an accessory such as a tie or arm jewelry – would also be financially more sustainable. Because “less is more” makes everyone easier and the wedding celebration more intimate.

Friends for the wedding party

Maybe your best friend is a hairdresser, or is your uncle a photographer? Then it would be a great opportunity to ask her to do your bridal hairstyle or shoot the wedding pictures. In return, of course, you do not need to contribute any or only a small wedding gift – a win-win situation for all parties, so to speak.
But be careful: Your acquaintance is still your guest and is doing you a favor. So, do not use his generosity too much and make sure that he still has fun at the wedding.

Find the Right Wedding Location

Many a woman wishes to feel like a princess on her wedding day – horse-drawn carriage, castle and noble dinner included. But here too, less is more – and the princess dream is somehow boring. So how about a rather unusual location?
Ask at castle ruins or theater stages if you can host your wedding party there. Or what is even cheaper: the roof terrace, a barn or the huge garden of a friend.
Just listen to your friends and acquaintances to find out whether someone knows or has a great location. In the end, these are often more romantic and cheaper than booked scene hotspots.

Reduce wedding guest list

Does it really have to be the third cousin or the great uncle that you will only see once in a lifetime? You should ask yourself this question when you create a guest list with your partner.
Inviting fewer guests not only retains the overview, but is also saves costs. It is also a lot more relaxed and you may even have the opportunity to exchange a word with everyone.
You can also design and print out the wedding cards yourself from various online providers. You can also send thank-you cards by email. This protects your wallet and looks more individual.

Cheap Wedding Decorations

Flowers are beautiful and make the atmosphere of a wedding look special. But the package deal from the florist isn’t exactly cheap. In the end, the flowers only last a day before they have to be thrown away.
So how about not buying the classics like roses, but choosing the flowers according to the season? Wildflowers that you can pick the day before or dried flowers look particularly good on the bridal table. You can find suitable vases or white candles at the flea market, for example, or borrow from relatives and friends.
If you choose a special motto, it will certainly be a little more difficult and more expensive. Natural things like driftwood or shells can be arranged for a wonderful wedding decoration.

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