Why It Is Important To Go Through The Legalities Of Transgender Marriages

Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals. In a heteronormative society, it is expected for man to tie the knot with a woman. Other societal restraints included marrying someone from the same religious and cultural background. However, these norms and notions of what a married couple should be have changed immensely. Homosexual and transgender wedding ceremonies are taking place out in the open every single day, without any issues arising. With weddings come a lifelong commitment, which involves sharing aspects from every sphere of your life with your significant other. One of those aspects is the legalities of the bond that an official marriage ceremony dictates.

Let’s explore the importance of going through the legalities of transgender marriages in today’s day and age.

Do You Have To Divorce If You Choose To Transition After Marriage?

This is a commonly sought out answer for individuals who are considering transitioning, even if it is after being married. In the US, couples do not need to divorce after marriage, and can choose to navigate through this change on a more personal level. Of course, there are many things to keep in mind from an emotional point of view, as the attraction fading away or your partner not understanding the transition and their sexual identity can result in problems. You should talk to an open-minded wedding officiant from Oklahoma City before your wedding if you are considering transitioning, as then you can openly discuss the implications of the marriage with your spouse to be and the officiant which may help to smooth things out.

Are Transgender Marriages Affected By Moving To Another State?

Many transgender couples fear that the validity of their marriage may be questioned if they move to a more anti-transgender state. However, if your wedding has been solemnized by a wedding officiant, then your marriage will be recognized in any state that you choose to relocate.

Are Transgender Marriages Legal?

Transgender marriages were legalized by the Supreme Court due to the in Obergefell v. Hodges civil rights case in 2015, which led to the acceptance of people marrying whoever they choose to regardless of gender. However, some of the courts still continue to question transgender parent-child relationships. Many states still do not provide marriage certificates or licenses for all gender identities. Even though your wedding officiant from Oklahoma can officiate your marriage with your chosen gender identity and sexuality, the issues that still remain around transgender marriages are distressing. However, you do not have to worry about the overall validity of your marriage as a transgender couple, so you can still hire a wedding officiant from OKC and plan the wedding of your dreams.

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