What to Expect: Getting Married As an Asexual Homoromantic Couple

Aces represent! With the diverse sexual orientations recently coming to light and being accepted, asexual homoromantics have also been fighting to be recognized and normalized in society. Asexuality, in basic terms, is when an individual feels no sexual attraction to anyone. However, asexual persons can also classify as romantic, meaning they may still find pleasure in intimate relationships and romantic gestures. Asexual homoromantic individuals are those who are romantically interested in the same sex. However, the question many ask is: Why would asexual couples still want to get married?

Let’s explore.

What Sort Of Wedding Ceremonies Would Asexual Homorantic Couples Have?

Recently Steven and Thom, who identify as an asexual homoromantic couple, got married. Their wedding was themed around playing cards, as asexual people are often referred to as aces. They called 52 people each and the décor was all inspired by the four suits in playing cards. The guests were requested to wear colors from the asexual flag, and the wedding officiant was also an open-minded, non-conforming person. Thus, much like heterosexual couples, they wanted to have a comfortable wedding, which not only celebrated their love for one another but also celebrated their sexual orientation.


At the end of the day, all that matters for those who are also asexual homoromantic is to find a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who is open-minded and takes your wants into consideration.

Asexual homoromantic couples can get married (if their state has legalized same-sex marriage) just like any other couple, and can easily find a wedding officiant in Oklahoma who will respect the vows you choose to have, the theme and your personal preferences. All you need to do is to convey in detail to the wedding officiant from OKC about what this marriage means to you and what it signifies.

Why Would Asexual Homoromantic Couples Want To Get Married In The First Place?

It is important to remember that no matter what a person’s sexual orientation is, at the end of the day, everyone is human. There are many asexual homoromantic individuals who want to get married and even have children of their own. There are some who want children but do not believe in marriage, and some who want to get married but do not want children. It is all based on personal choice and desires, and no matter what is happening behind closed doors, if it is consensual, you can very well mind your own business and be happy that the couple is choosing love over all else.

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