Wedding Trend Predictions For 2019

We are (gratefully) developing into a world that is more accepting and understanding of a person’s personal beliefs and practices for wedding trends. We are entering into an age that is allowing greater liberty for self-expression, and where the high expectations of fulfilling society-imposed standards, like that of wedding ceremonies, are being dismantled. This idea was not only reflected in 2018, but it is estimated to continue prospering in 2019. Here are wedding trends that will surely blossom in the New Year!

More Color!

Gone is the use of subtle neutral colors in weddings, the plain old whites and beiges we have seen for decades now. The couples of today are opting for more vibrant colors, which can be seen by the Pantone Color of the Year — Coral. The use of deep reds, oranges, yellows and pinks are all being integrated into the décor, dresses, cutlery and even foods in weddings that are taking place today. Ask your wedding officiant to take part in the colorful theme by wearing a complementary color on the big day as well!

More Intimate

To make your big day more personal and intimate, it is important to really get to know your vendors and Masters of Ceremony beforehand, so that they can create the vibe you want for the wedding. The trend now is to set up a relaxed meeting with vendors, understanding each other’s personalities before planning one of the biggest days of your life! Same goes for your chosen wedding officiant from Oklahoma City — sit and have an in depth talk with them about your expectations and see if they are on the same page as you.

Less Observance of Restricting Traditions

Our liberal wedding officiant from Oklahoma personally loves the growing trend of seeing a blend of genders standing on both sides of the wedding aisles rather than the traditional six groomsmen and bridesmaids. Weddings in 2019 will not follow a set theme or restricting traditions, they will be executed however the couple sees fit, and that is one of the most beautiful aspects of the changing times.

Zero Waste Weddings

Gone are the days of wasteful weddings, as the growing trend of environmental conservation is resulting in the advent of zero-waste weddings!  Instead of wasting paper by sending out invites and printing out a program, you can send e-invites and ask your wedding officiant from OKC to explain the symbolism of the theme of your wedding during the ceremony.

Are you getting married in 2019? Which trends do you want to follow? At the end of the day, you do not have to follow a trend for the sake of being trendy, but rather do what is appealing to you and what feels right for you.

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