Wedding Planning Tips For The Broke Millennial

So, you have found the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life! You’ve gone through the big proposal, the tears, the laughter, the anxiety and the peace that comes with getting betrothed and are now sure about getting married. However, you started researching wedding venues and almost died of a heart attack!

Most millennials nowadays feel like they would rather invest their money in more meaningful experiences rather than splurge on wedding ceremonies. Well, luckily, with a bit of time and research they can get the best of both worlds! Here are some wedding planning tips for ‘broke’ millennials.

Get Married Off Season

Obviously, weddings take place all year around, but there are certain months, such as those in the winter, that are less popular for weddings. Getting married between Jan and March can help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars, whereas June to October are the most wedding (and price) heavy months. It’ll be easier for you to get huge discounts from vendors and you will be more likely to hire a wedding officiant last minute too!

Get Married On Any Day Other Than Saturday

Most people think that Saturday is the optimal day to get married, as you will get a day off the next day, and more people will be able to attend over the weekend. However, if you check the price difference of Saturday vs any other day of the week, you’ll be astounded! Sure, you might go through a bit more trouble, but it’ll be worth it! Also, since Saturdays are the busiest, maybe your favorite wedding officiant from Oklahoma City may be booked too!

Get Married At Home!

Getting married at home can save you a lot of money. Many times you look at price tags and estimates vendors give you for the whole wedding package, and realize they have only given you the quote for the place itself, let alone the decors, tables, chairs, dance floor, drinks station, food, etc. Also, just do away with table décor altogether. It may look cute but it’s just an expensive obstruction for guests.

Getting married at home and doing some DIY can help you save a lot. Also, it can help you really limit your guest list which will just help you save more money! Your chosen wedding officiant from Oklahoma will probably also charge less if your wedding is smaller (plus isn’t intimate just better?)

Only Include Luxuries That Are Special For You And Your Beau

You can really make your special day more memorable for you by including only the luxury items that are important for you and your partner. For example, maybe one of you is more passionate about having good food at the wedding but don’t mind the lack of a dance floor. And of course, do spend your money on hiring only the best wedding officiant in OKC!

At the end of the day, you need to be more selective about what to spend on at your wedding vs what is not very necessary.


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