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Every religion has own rituals of getting married. For example; the religious way of Christians to get marry is to get it done by a Pastor. Meanwhile, Islam has Imam for making a couple legally husband and wife through Nikkah. Similarly, Hinduism has Pandit concept to get the couples marry religiously. On the other hand, if a non religious couple wants to get marry, they usually consult wedding officiant. It’s a kind of court marriage. Moreover, these officiants provide ideas and arrangements for making for wedding dreamy.

Wedding Officiant – A Business

Particularly, in
Oklahoma, you can earn well through starting a business as wedding officiant.
This business is very interesting. However, it is more ideal to start it as
part time instead of fulltime business. Already, many wedding officiants are
providing services in the Oklahoma. Therefore, the competition in the industry
would be tough.

Ideally, if you want to start business as wedding officiant, you have to follow these 6 steps.

Overview of Business

Before starting, you
should consider;

  • Wedding officiant should be an extrovert. This work needs collaboration with different kind of people. It needs public exposure.
  • Ratio of target population should be examined. As record, US have allowed homo-sex marriages. So, the target population is available.
  • You should be able to work on weekends. Because, wedding are usually planned on weekends. So, you should ensure your availability on weekends. Make your schedule flexible.

Get It Started

Once you have over viewed your business idea, turn towards skills and cost estimations.


Communication skills are
key to get successful in this business. As you have to do meeting with
perspective customers. Also, for attracting new customers, impressive
communication skills are required.


To start and carry on the
business, certain cost is involved.

  • Cost of arranging and maintaining an office.
  • Computer and internet connection are also required. Official website is mandatory too. The cost of domain and hosting is attached to it.
  • Cost of different wedding themes.

Business Growth

Indeed, marketing is
needed to get the people aware about your services. Social media is great
source of marketing these days. Sharing your services and offers on social
media attract new customers.

Secondly, for the growth of business, your services and marketing is mandatory. You should provide such satisfactory services to your customers that they recommend you to others. Word of mouth is effective tactic for getting customers. Therefore, treat your customers well so that they help you to prosper your business.

Legality of Business

Make your business legal
and complying with legal consideration in the state.

  • Get your license for starting up your business.
  • Get your business account for financial transactions
  • Make necessary documentation for protection of equity and assets.

Estimation of Earning

Before, starting any
project in your business, always do a “cost and benefit analysis”. Estimate all
the expenses you are going to put in the project. The project which shows
higher expenses and fewer benefits, you should not opt for it as it will bring
loss for you.

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