Want To Ditch The Rings? Alternatives to Consider

Want To Ditch The Rings Alternatives to Consider

Most wedding ceremonies have that iconic moment when the wedding officiant says “now, you can exchange the wedding rings.” And everyone starts cheering and crying; it is just a beautiful and symbolic moment for the couple. However, even though it is a popular wedding tradition, it is not at all necessary to do if you do not want to. You might think that there are better ways to show your union and that there are more meaningful and useful things to invest in rather than expensive diamond rings.

If you want to ditch the rings, here are some interesting alternatives to consider.


If you are a ‘woke’ millennial, you will have probably heard of the engagement piercing trend that took the world by storm! Instead of exchanging wedding bands, the couple can get diamonds pierced into their ring fingers. You can even get your wedding officiant from Oklahoma City to include in the vows why you opted for this method, and how it has made your bond stronger than ever before.


Nothing compares to having a permanent reminder of your love engraved on your body! Couple tattoos have been around for quite some time, but the recent trend of getting wedding rings tattooed on your ring finger has caught the fancy of tattoo enthusiasts. Hiring an open-minded wedding officiant from Oklahoma can be a great way to celebrate your love for your partner and your love for tattoos all in one!

Down Payments On A House Or Car

You know what they say, it is better to invest in your actual married life to make it fulfilling rather than on your wedding day. Down payments on your partner’s dream home or car is an excellent way to make them unforgettably happy, and to improve the quality of your life together!

Adopting A Pet

If your significant other is an animal lover, they would choose a pet over a ring any day. An addition to your new family is an investment well worth it, and you can even plan it out with your wedding officiant from OKC to have your new puppy as the ring bearer or a key part of the wedding ceremony.

Custom Handkerchief Or Cufflink

This is also an amazingly sentimental gift that one can cherish for a lifetime. A custom handkerchief or a cufflink sure is a useful statement piece, as it can spruce up your outfit and be a symbol of your love all at once!

These are just a couple of the ways you can invest into something other than a ring, if you are not one for traditions. At the end of the day, you can buy into any gift that you know will be fulfilling for your partner and also a true symbol of your love and connection.

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