Tips On How Not To Lose Your Wedding Ring


We might not think about it that much now, but the reason most couples exchange rings during their wedding ceremonies is actually due to the circular shape symbolizing infinity. The reason a wedding officiant would talk about endless love and the union of two souls during the exchange of rings is because of the love and trust expensive rings symbolize. All that being said, rings are still one of the easiest things to lose, and who would want to lose such an important thing? Here are a few tips on how not to lose your wedding ring.

Make Sure It Is Properly Fitted

One of the most common reasons that people lose their ring is because they are ill fitting and fall off easily. Thus, make sure to go to an expert jeweler to get it fit properly. Anytime in your life if the ring gets too tight or too lose, get it resized accordingly.

Splurge on Ring Dishes

Our wedding officiant from Oklahoma knows that a common reason people misplace their rings is because they take it off at some random place and then forget where they took it off. To counter the problem, make sure to keep ring dishes, or jars or boxes in every room of your home. Thus, if you take your ring off in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or bedroom, you will have a special place to take your ring off and you will remember where to look first.

Be Cautious
Remember, it is not essential to wear your ring all the time. Even though you may feel like you’re cheating on your partner by taking it off or you really want to flaunt it off, any wedding officiant from Oklahoma City would tell you that it’s the feeling of love that really matters. It really is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to ensuring you do not lose such an expensive and precious piece of jewelry. However, if you really do want to wear it out in public, be extremely careful. If you are going to gym or to work and want to make sure you keep your ring safe in case you take your ring off, invest in a ring box. However, good advice would be to try not to take it off if you’re out.

Your wedding officiant from OKC would say the same thing that exchanging rings is very beautiful but do not feel pressured to wearing the ring all the time, especially if you feel like you lose things quite easily.

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