Tinsley Keefe’s Guide to Circumcision Pre and Post Wedding

Tinsley Keefe's Guide to Circumcision Pre and Post Wedding

While it is not so normal to find couples nowadays that have not slept together before marriage, the occurrence does still come about. Even in sexually active couples, there might be cases where they will be aware of each other’s’ genitals . . . but might not necessarily know what they are doing.

In the United States at least, the “normal” situation to come across is a circumcised male and an uncircumcised female. At least; you would think that is the “normal” situation. During her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has given a lot of advice to her clients for the opposite situation.

Females are generally uncircumcised. This is a standard and a “hopeful” of sorts, as female circumcision is both painful and demoralizing for women. Although it is basically performed in countries like Africa, it is not an unusual occurrence for a circumcised woman to find herself in the US eventually. The biggest thing that Tinsley stresses to her Oklahoma wedding officiant clients experiencing this is providing infinite support.

In addition, Tinsley also suggests focusing on other areas of sexual pleasure like vaginal, anal, nipple or further forms of sexual stimulation. As for the male part of the spectrum, coming across an uncircumcised male is more average than you might think. The moment of realization might be nerve-wracking to some – you are unbuttoning someone’s pants expecting to see a circumcised dick and instead you get foreign territory. Maybe it is the opposite.

Either way, the next step is to leave your comfort zone. During pre and post wedding events, Tinsley Keefe is almost always advising her OKC wedding officiant clients on breaking out of their “norm” and exploring. For example, Tinsley stresses that the most important thing is figuring out what you and your partner like. As a standard rule – if they are circumcised, focus on the shaft. If they are uncircumcised, focus on the tip.

If you do not have sex with your significant other before marriage, the anticipation leading up to the “big day” might get overwhelming at times. Even more, the actual moment might seem suffocating. Too many people will let their nerves get the best of them instead of enjoying what they have been looking forward to. The moment will be intimate no matter how you act – no matter what happens – especially if it is based on passionate, wild love.

Furthermore, as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Tinsley needs to make the point as clear as possible to all future brides and grooms experiencing bedroom troubles: do your research. Find someone to confide in. Most wedding officiants will jump at the opportunity to guide their clients. If you take a step back and take a deep breath, you will realize that exploring sexually is not as terrifying as it seems in your head. When you are next to the person you love completely, you are willing to try different things for different thrills. You will realize that there is no shame in experimenting.

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