Tinsley Keefe Discusses the Proposal for Perfect Marriage

What is “perfect”, really? When it comes to marriage, we all have that idea in our minds of the perfect proposal – the perfect ceremony and the perfect honeymoon. We might even have an idea of the perfect person to experience marriage with. So when it comes down to it, why is the actual process so stressful? Nobody has the answers like they dreamed growing up, but that does not mean the experience cannot still be magical.

There is a “perfect” marriage proposal out there for everyone. There are also a lot of details that will factor into the ultimate proposal decision. As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has heard of marriage proposals boring enough to let the dust settle and exciting enough to blow the minds of everyone present; onlookers included.

When it comes down to it, Tinsley knows the ins and outs of a flawless marriage proposal. For starters, you need to be creative by playing to your strengths. If you and/or your significant other suffer from social anxiety, a public proposal is probably not the best idea. At the same time, if a public proposal is both of your dreams then you will find a way to make it work. For example, one time when Tinsley Keefe wed a couple in Oklahoma as a wedding officiant, that couple shared their unique proposal story.

Much like the situation above, both suffered from social anxiety but still wanted a public marriage proposal. Their compromise: the woman proposed to her (now) wife backstage – completely alone – but the entire thing was being broadcast to the audience. When “yes” was said, the entire audience erupted in cheers and clapping. The best part? Neither of them had to see the mass crowd, and yet the intention was still romantically clear!

Playing to your strengths is easy. If you are outspoken and you can sing, woo your s/o that way. You can also play to innovative strengths. One wedding ceremony that Tinsley Keefe attended during wedding officiant work in OKC provided a lovely substitute to engagement/wedding rings. The history behind the couple is simple enough – they were huge tech geeks.

When the man proposed, instead of offering up a ring, he offered his very own laptop as a way of saying “I want to let you in completely”. At the wedding, instead of exchanging rings, they exchanged laptops. Although, that does not have to be the extent of it either. You can always do both rings and something else that is relative and creative. Of course, the true meaning behind a “perfect” marriage proposal is showing your love when doing it.

Do not forget that your s/o needs to know how important they are to you. They need and want to know why exactly you want to marry them in the first place. If you implement your history – your love, your passion – into the proposal, your significant other will have no choice but to accept if they truly love you back. In the end, any proposal is magic if done with love.

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