Tinsley Keefe Debates, “Can You Have a Wedding Without the Wedding Ceremony?”

Tinsley Keefe Debates, "Can You Have a Wedding Without the Wedding Ceremony?"

Technically speaking, you cannot have a wedding without the wedding ceremony. If you do not have a ceremony of some sort, then it is not really a wedding. However, that is not to say that you cannot get still get married without having a wedding. As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has married thousands of couples that have opted out of throwing a wedding. There are many reasons why a couple might choose to do this.

For starters, it is so much easier to plan a quick marriage via a wedding officiant and paperwork than it is to plan a large wedding with a ceremony and reception. Sometimes, people do not feel like dealing with a mass amount of people. There are even times when a “small get-together” wedding ends up with just as much work as a normal sized wedding. If you and your partner find yourself wondering whether a wedding with a wedding ceremony is really right for you, consider following Tinsley’s advice on the matter.

The primary thing is to consider the pros and cons of not throwing a wedding. Some people want a wedding solely for the memories – they do not want to get married without the significance that a wedding day can bring. This is why Tinsley Keefe points out – knowing from her experience working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma – that a quick marriage in a courthouse can still hold sentimental value.

After all, it is what you do after that makes the difference.

Of course, there is the awful stigma in society that people who opt out of throwing a wedding are not fully appreciating what it means to get married. That is obviously not true. Sometimes people will choose not to have a wedding because they suffer from social anxiety, while other times the couple simply cannot afford to throw a wedding of any size (even if they wanted to). Perhaps the couple is even opting out of a wedding in hopes of having an extremely extravagant honeymoon. Whatever the reason is, it does not mean they are lacking appreciation for the meaning behind marriages in general.

Tinsley has also offered advice to dozens of her OKC wedding officiant clients in the sense of how to make the “not so big day” still big. Just because it is not a formal thing does not mean you cannot invite a few close friends to accompany you during the legal paperwork. You can still dress up. Even more, consider going out to dinner afterwards or celebrating in some way.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with not having a wedding. Never let anyone tell you differently. On the off chance that you do let someone else tell you differently, do not pay their words any mind. They can speak them; that does not mean you have to listen. The most important thing is that you are happy with your fiancé and future life partner and that they are happy with you.

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