Tinsley Keefe Answers “What Happens After the Wedding?”

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Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OklahomaToo many couples get so caught up in the pre-wedding preparation and excitement that they forget how to live normally after the wedding is over. Post-wedding jitters are normal, especially if your honeymoon is not immediately after you get married. Some people have to wait months or even years until they can afford the magical adventure as a newly married couple, and by that point you are hardly a “newly” married couple anyway. When the wedding is over, you go home and you sit in your house with your new life partner and you contemplate what is next.

Working as a wedding officiant with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has seen numerous marriages struggle with finding the footing in their new lives together. This leads her to give the most obvious reminder: nothing has changed except a piece of paper and a ring. You are literally living the same life as before. Your job will not change. Your family and friends are still where they have always been. The house is still in the same location, with the same number of rooms. Even the things inside the house are mostly the same.

This leads Tinsley Keefe to pull from her experience as a wedding officiant in OKC and say that the first thing to do as a newly married couple is go through your wedding gifts. Put them away together. The same thing goes for the cards. You did just legally bind yourselves to each other – you are allowed to enjoy the novelty of it. Maybe spend your wedding night watching a movie together or having some mind-blowing sex. Regardless, as long as you are together then you will (or should) be happy. Depending on how much time you have off from work, spend the next few days together. Go out to lunch or dinner. Surprise each other with breakfast in bed or late night massages.

This is your opportunity to explore your new lives together, and despite nothing dire changing in those lives, you are still allowed to be curious. You might not feel any different. You really are not supposed to feel any different. You are just emphasizing your love for your partner. Tinsley Keefe has seen marriages grow distant in her time working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma – just several months after the wedding. The discovery is both sad and avoidable. A way to avoid post-wedding stress is to set up a consistent date night. Just because you are married does not mean you are forbidden from going on dates.

Whether you give one night a week to spend time with each other or one full day a month – as long as it is steady, the benefits will warm both of your hearts. Another idea is to continue wooing your partner with random gifts and surprises. Just because you are married does not mean you have to stop courting your partner. Surprise her with flowers or him with his favorite food. Be thoughtful and affectionate, and your marriage will continue to flourish and grow.

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