Tinsley Keefe Advises on Tech Geek Wedding

You might have heard about specifically themed weddings – from Harry Potter weddings to galaxy weddings – but have you heard of the perfectly executed tech geek wedding? For technology geeks, a wedding might seem like a boring process to a happy ending.

As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has witnessed a sufficient amount of tech geek weddings to confidently disagree that they are NOT boring. In fact, technology geeks have an advantage to the general public when it comes to marriage prep: technical creativity. Fortunately, if you are a tech geek struggling with ideas, Tinsley Keefe has got your back.

Wedding officiant Tinsley Keefe has learned many things while organizing tech geek weddings in Oklahoma. One of the main things is that the utilization of overhead projection or projections can make or break the overall magic of the wedding ceremony.

Whether you have access to a small school-sized projection screen or multiple large canvas-sized projection screens does not matter – the outcome will be the same. Picture your reception hall filled with projection screens and projectors. Think of all the possibilities! You could have pictures of you and your significant other as a slideshow, or you could do something relevant to your wedding theme/interests.

Aside from the actual wedding itself, Tinsley Keefe reminds tech geeks that they can use their technical creativity during the proposal process as well. During her experience as a wedding officiant in OKC, Tinsley has heard some very interesting marriage proposals executed by technical means. This is especially effective if both you and your significant other are technology geeks.

The possibilities are literally endless. For example, you can propose to your significant other by uploading ransomware onto their computer. By encrypting their files, you can demand the ransom for their release – and the ransom will be your marriage proposal. Of course, if they happen to say no . . . give them their files back.

The biggest thing that Tinsley Keefe stresses as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City is utilizing maximum creativity during the reception. The best wedding receptions are home to not only food and music, but entertainment and activities. The activities do not even have to be sanctioned; on-the-spot games are always exciting.

However, if you are a tech geek then your options are amplified. Throw together a good old fashioned game of Capture the Flag – hacker style! Better yet, find a way to connect all of the devices at the reception to a single network and execute ransomware attacks; effectively demanding the wedding gifts before each guest leaves. This is the ultimate set-up.

In the end, if you are a tech geek getting married or part of a tech geek couple getting married then your choices are limitless. Utilize your intelligence to create a tech geek wedding that will go down in history. If you follow Tinsley’s tips and use your technical creativity, then there is no going wrong.

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