Tinsley Keefe Advises on Getting Married with Very Severe Social Anxiety

For those that are unfamiliar, severe social anxiety/phobia is more than panicking in large crowds of people. There are individuals out there that literally live under the control of their anxiety because they physically and mentally have no other option. Severe social anxiety can go as far as taking a person away from their family and friends.

In the form of mental blocks, a person can suffer apathetic tendencies that not only prevent them from reaching out to others, but pull them back from responding when others reach out to them. While working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has witnessed the shortcomings of severe social anxiety at its worst. In some severe cases, a person can even be so mentally wrapped up in their thoughts that they unintentionally (or intentionally) ignore someone trying to converse with them.

And yet . . . those that suffer from severe social anxiety still deserve to be happy. They still deserve to love and be loved. Fortunately, there are ways to still enjoy what is supposed to be the best time of your life – even with severe social anxiety. Tinsley Keefe is thankful for her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, as it has shown her the truth behind the interaction of true love and anxiety. If your heart is warm, your body will follow.

Think of it this way – you have already fallen in love with your significant other; even with your severe social anxiety. There is a reason you want to marry them too. If you want to enjoy pre and post wedding events, you can. Let your life partner escort you through the turmoil. Keep them close to you. If you slip into a mental block, they can safely guide you to a private place where you can be free to submerge in your thoughts.

Tinsley Keefe has also learned a few tricks of the trade when helping anxiety-ridden clients as a wedding officiant in OKC. First and foremost, if you cannot avoid having a giant wedding, at least prepare an escape route in case the night grows to be too much (after the ceremony, of course). Or if you are concerned about reading your vows in front of an audience, consider getting creative.

For example, tech geeks could type or text their vows – and the words could appear on a screen for everyone to see. Another trick is to distract the guests with good entertainment, food, and even activities. If you get everyone so involved in the reception that they cannot even remember the time, chances are they will not notice when you and your significant other sneak away halfway through. Finally, the best way to get through a wedding ceremony (with or without social anxiety) is by looking forward to the future.

If you and your life partner plan to have a honeymoon, that is also a great topic of conversation to relieve stress. Even if you do not plan something super extravagant, it is still beneficial to look forward to the future you will now share (legally) with your husband/wife.

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