Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Stresses That The Casual Weddings ARE Okay

When someone thinks about weddings, their first thought is usually of the traditional wedding ceremony. Brides wear the cliché white wedding gowns and grooms sport their classy tuxes – and there is nothing wrong with this. The traditional wedding is traditional for a reason; for some, the tradition IS the magic. For others, they dream of their wedding day a bit differently than a church set-up with the white and black color theme.

In fact, some weddings can go from classy and traditional to crazy and exhilarating. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows from her experience as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City that wedding themes come and go like crazy. On the other hand, some couples spend so much time stressing over what their wedding theme should be when all they want is to throw on a pair of pants and tie the knot.

For some, the option of getting hitched at a Vegas chapel is not an option. Maybe you have family or friends that refuse to let you tie the knot that way. Maybe you simply cannot forgive yourself if you do not throw at least a semblance of a real wedding. No matter what the reason is, Dr. Tinsley Keefe has seen enough Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma to know that wedding themes are not always necessary.

Moreover, casual weddings ARE okay. The biggest thing to remember is the reason you are getting married in the first place. You want to spend your life with this person. Provided that they share a similar idea of a casual wedding, there is nothing wrong with choosing that option. For example, if you want to walk down the aisle in sweatpants and an old t-shirt then there should literally be nothing stopping you. If you want to have your wedding in your living room with Star Wars playing in the background, there should be nothing stopping you.

Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe wants to remind you that it is YOUR wedding and nobody else’s. If your family or friends are put off at the idea of a casual wedding, then do not waste your time inviting them. For some, marriage is solely a choice made with the intention of being legally tied to your life partner. While this might seem vain in a way, it is really not. Casual weddings are common for a wedding officiant roaming around OKC, and Tinsley knows this.

This is why she is constantly explaining to clients that seem iffy about traditional weddings or big weddings that casual (and/or small) weddings are always an option. The outcome will be the same regardless of what you choose. You will be spending your life with your true love; legally bound on paper. Casual weddings are easy to achieve, relatively cheap, and they can still hold all of the magic that big/traditional weddings hold. The most important part of any wedding ceremony is not the extravagance or the setting; it is the words being spoken. Tinsley reminds you to never forget this sentiment.

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