The Best Wedding flowers and Floral arrangements in Oklahoma City, OK

From the beautiful centerpieces to the end of the benches, to the bride’s magnificent bouquet and the blushing petals at the exit of the church, the flowers are a must in every lively component of a lovely wedding occasion. We advise you to choose your wedding flowers right and make it the most memorable day of your life.

Organizing wedding ceremonies with perfect floral arrangements in Oklahoma

Organization is the key to setting up the perfect wedding of your dreams. Flower management requires special attention. You have to ahead to make initial contact with your provider or supplier three to five months before the ceremony. You talk to your florist, an online provider or manage the floral arrangement yourself if you’re a fan of DIY. Amidst all the other arrangements, you may not get enough time to create the perfect floral arrangements at your wedding. That’s when Life Long Wedding Ceremonies steps in to make your wedding even more beautiful and smooth. From Oklahoma City to Oklahoma state, we cover all the weddings arrangements.

We start off by planning a timeframe for preparation before the ceremony, especially because we work with exclusively fresh cut flowers. With the help of your bridesmaid, we make an inventory of everything you want to bloom, such as your car, place of reception, ceremony venue, buttonholes, centerpieces, bridal hairstyle, and of course, the majestic bouquet! If you choose to speak with us, we make sure that we are on the same page in terms of taste and choice.

Choosing the right wedding flowers can get confusing. The “where, when and how’s” can get really tricky? Here we have come up with some valuable tips for you, covering everything from your flower choices and flower delivery to the perfect organization of these wedding delights for making your wedding day a big success!

Which flowers to choose for a wedding?

For a wedding, white flowers are in the spotlight because they are associated with commitment, respect, and sincerity.

The white rose, the orchid, and the lily are the queens of the bouquets and floral arrangements proposed on this occasion. Other seasonal white flowers, such as peony, can, of course, be invited to add a distinctive touch to your wedding.

You most likely have a list of your favorite flowers in mind for the floral decoration of your wedding. It could be the ones you saw at the wedding of a friend, or the symbolic flower that represents you and your “to be” as a couple. However, there are several criteria we suggest you to consider while choosing the flowers for a wedding.

For a start, the first thing you should consider is their freshness. It is always better to choose seasonal wedding flowers to be sure the lush blooms dazzle as much as the lovely bride. We always deal with the freshest flowers for the most stunning displays. Here is a quick flower seasons guide for you.

In autumn: You may go with Dahlias, English roses, Berries, Hydrangeas or Pincushions.
In winter: You would get fresh arrangements with anemone, tulip, hyacinth, amaryllis or buttercups.
In spring: During this ideal season for weddings, you have some marvelous choices, including peony, sweet peas, lilac (beware of allergies), poppy or viburnum to name a few.
In summer: You can go for hydrangeas, garden roses, delphinium or lisianthus.

We never forget to attach foliage to your floral arrangements; they bring the final touch for a glowing arrangement. Your indispensable ally? We as your florists! We will guide you through the process of choosing the right fit keeping your taste, style and the wedding theme in mind. Finally, the last element we consider is to avoid pistil flowers, which stain dresses and costumes. For the reception area, we make sure to limit the heavy scented flowers that could annoy the guests. Such is our way of paying attention to details at your wedding.

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