Hospitality for Out-of-Town Guests at Your Wedding

When it comes to accommodation, the closer the guests stay from the venue, the better. If there are rooms at your wedding venue, obviously you should settle your guests there. Contact the manager of the hall and ask him about the availability, cost of the room and possible discounts. If there is no accommodation at the venue of the ceremony – or if the rooms are too expensive – select 2-3 hotels closest to the wedding venue and book a block of 1-2 room rooms.

It is important to consider that different hotels have different room reservation rules. Some hotels require you to pay a certain amount when booking, which will not be refunded if your reservation is canceled. This is not the best option, but it can also be considered if the wedding takes place in a small town or its time coincides with a holiday or other event. At the time of booking you do not need to know the final number of nonresident guests, but at least you should already know the approximate number.

Some hotels may be flexible and offer a discount for your guests, provided that you do not book rooms in advance, but this is also a risk, because the hotel may be full before you finally decide on the list of guests. In the best case, you will be able to arrange a room reservation without a mandatory deposit, which will guarantee the availability of seats and the safety of tariffs until the date of your wedding.

Transport and organization of movement of guests

Some hotels provide transport services to / from the airport, and some even provide transfers to / from certain destinations, if agreed upon in advance. When you call the hotel to reserve a room, ask about any transportation services that you can provide. Prices will vary by hotel, so be sure to ask for a price so that you can inform your guests in advance.

If the hotel does not have a shuttle, take care of how guests can get to the hotel and the wedding venue. Which public transport is the easiest to get to? Where are the stops located and what are the prices? Is it possible in your city to share the fare if there are several travel companions? Is it possible to connect nonresident and local guests, so that they travel together? Can you recommend a car rental company? Most of your nonresident guests will most likely handle the car search themselves, but it would be better if you take care and instruct them about this in advance in order to avoid unnecessary stress before or on your wedding day.

Print event plan and time


One of the best ways to eliminate stress and limit the number of calls to your phone is to create a detailed schedule of wedding events. Whether guests are invited to events for several days or only to the wedding itself – all this must be detailed and printed out on paper. For each event, you must indicate the following: name, address of the venue, date, time and dress code. We even recommend including a description of the ceremony and reception, so that all the information necessary for your guests is collected in one place. If your nonresident guests are invited to events before or after the wedding, make sure they have enough time to change clothes and get there. Sound too complicated? We have great wedding plan ideas to help you quickly create beautiful print materials!


Make a list of all the good places to eat, drink and have fun.

It will be great if your guests can take a walk around the city while you are focused on your big day. Make a list of your favorite places with the groom where you can eat, drink and have a good time. You can search for any city festivals, live music concerts, or other special events that may be of interest to guests these days. Of course, guests can use the Google search engine and find something that they themselves will like, but the prepared list of potentially interesting places will allow you to introduce guests not only to the city, but also to share some features of your daily life with them.

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