Spur Of The Moment Weddings: Things To Consider

Though we usually see this in the movies, but there are real life married couples who have gotten married at a moment’s notice, after knowing each other for only a brief period of time. It goes to show that sometimes marrying someone after being engaged for ten years can end up in a divorce and sometimes marrying someone after being engaged for ten days can end up successful. There are many spur of the moment wedding ceremonies that take place all the time. But, of course, there are a plethora of things you need to consider before executing an unplanned wedding. Here is all you need to know about spur of the moment weddings.

Eligibility Requirements For A Marriage License

Spur of the moment weddings are not entirely unplanned. Depending on the state you are getting married, your eligibility criteria will differ. To make sure that no problems arise when obtaining your marriage license, make sure to know the eligibility criteria. For example, in Oklahoma, an individual has to be over 18 years of age in order to get married without parental consent, couples cannot be related by blood in any way, and they have to be aware and in their senses when registering for marriage. These are just a few of the important requirements you need to fulfill.

When going to the county clerk’s office you have to make sure to have all documentation and at least some form of identification in order to apply for the marriage license.

You also have to pay a license fee, and in Oklahoma you can reduce your fee greatly if you opt for a premarital counselling class.

Once you get the marriage license from the county clerk, you have to purchase it from a county registrar before being eligible for marriage. If you are over 18 years old, you will not have to serve a waiting period for your marriage license.

Make sure to take to a wedding officiant before you obtain the license, so that you can have an officiated wedding ceremony when you have obtained the marriage license.

Executing The Last Minute Wedding Ceremony

This is the fun part! You can make the most of your day and conduct it in any way that you would like. Whether you want to wear a dress you already own or quickly buy a new or a second hand one from a place nearby, the main focus is on the union between lovers, more than the trivialities that come with weddings. Of course, besides the wedding officiant from Oklahoma City and maybe a few close friends and family members, you will not have enough time to inform let alone invite people you know to your wedding. This, of course, is up to you and how comfortable you are about having a small and private ceremony. You can make the wedding officiant from Oklahoma to add or modify any part of the vows and wedding ceremony as per your liking. The wedding officiant from OKC can also give you advice on how to maintain a fulfilling relationship, so make sure the officiant that you hired is on the same page as you about what marriage means to you.

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