This One’s for The Guys: Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Explains How to Get the Best Gift Possible for Your New Bride

Wedding Gifts for Wife

Wedding Gifts for WifeYou just tied the knot with your beautiful bride. You cannot stop gushing over her; she is the jewel that you have always wanted in your life. Your bride is the alpha to your Omega, the cream to your cookie, and the peanut butter to your jelly. We get it; your new lady is the bee’s knees. It only makes sense that you want to give her something meaningful to show your appreciation of her, and Dr. John Patrick Keefe II can help you with that.
If you are like most men, shopping for a woman is not on your top ten list of amazing-things-to-do-on-a-Saturday-afternoon. Perhaps, you have never even shopped for a lady before. After all, your mom helped you pick out the engagement ring. Never fear! John Keefe is here to save the day!
The first thing you need to do is consider your budget. It does not matter what kind of budget you are working with; you can always give a gift from the heart. Dr. John Keefe encourages all of you to sit down and set a budget amount for your gift before you hit the highway towards the mall. It is a good idea only to take cash with you instead of a debit or credit card as you will not overspend.
Get a “Wow” Gift
Does your wife have dreams and aspirations? Perhaps she has a hobby that you know she enjoys, but she has not quite put all of her efforts into honing it yet. Get her a gift that will encourage her to make her fantasies a reality. Check it out;

  • What hobbies does she have that you could help to expand with increased learning?
  • What authors does she like to read? Do they have any non-fiction books?
  • What courses at the local community education center would interest her?

Always Make Your Wife Feel Like You Choose Her
You chose your wife to be yours forever on your wedding day, so it is important to remind her of this all of the time. The gift you give her can be a token of this sentiment. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II wants you to consider the following questions:

  • When talking to your wife have you heard her say, “I like those _____.”?
  • Does she have an Amazon wish list?  Do you know what is in it?
  • Has a movie come out that she mentioned that she wanted to see?  Check to see if it is on DVD now.
  • Does a favorite author have a book that either just released or is about to?
  • Is there something that she “expresses distress” over often? (Kate hates being cold, she still tells me that one of the best gifts I ever gave her was an electric blanket, not romantic but to her, it meant I was paying attention)

Wedding Gifts for WifeGetting a special gift for your wife should always come from your heart. John Keefe says the key to a long and healthy marriage is truly knowing your spouse. Give your wife a gift that reflects how much you know her.

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