How to NOT be a Bridezilla: Dr. Tinsley Keefe’s Guide

lifelong weddings ceremonies okc

lifelong weddings ceremonies okc One of the biggest fears for a bride when it comes to marriage is the chance of turning into a bridezilla. Many people have seen that awful (but addicting) show Bridezillas and we spend the entire episode yelling at our television hoping the women will hear us. They never do. We are left to watch a man give his life away to someone that treats everyone around them like shit.

The thing that no one tells you: turning into a bridezilla is more common than not. The nicest woman ever can turn into the cruelest monster when it is time to get married. The stress is too much. There is so much to get done, but not nearly enough time. Not to mention, every single person is striking a chord and you are having trouble biting back your tongue.

Most people forgive you after you turn into a bridezilla; especially when the wedding is over and done with. The thing is . . . do you really want people to remember your wedding like that – with you as a raging bitch? Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe, a wedding officiant in OKC with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, assures us that it is possible to ward off your bridezilla tendencies. For starters, there are activities you can participate in that help reduce stress levels.

Whether you are interested in yoga, kickboxing, or just going to the gym; it does not matter because they all help. When you exercise your body and work up a sweat, you are also reducing stress and anxiety while combatting depression. Even if you only take a class during the process of the pre-wedding prep, the outcome will be worth it. The only issue is the necessity to create time for your needs. If you have to give an extra hour of work to your fiancé or maid-of-honor in order to stay sane and kind, who cares?

If they really care that much . . . turn into a bridezilla and see how they enjoy that. Experiencing numerous dreadful wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe must also stress the importance of waiting to marry until you are 100% positive you are ready. Too many times working as a wedding officiant in OKC, she has witnessed young adults rushing into a marriage. They regret it by the reception. If you have any doubt in your mind whatsoever, then do not get married. It is that simple.

The last thing you can do to that helps prevent a bridezilla transformation is to remind yourself why you are there doing what you are doing. You love this person. You want to spend your life with this person. Now you get to. Think about your happiness and your future, and if that does not calm you down then maybe you should not be getting married in the first place. In the end, if you are getting married for the right reasons and you are willing to take the correct precautions to avoid stress, then your wedding will be memorable in the happiest way possible.

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