Most Common Signs of Infidelity After Marriage

If Americans tend to be less paranoid than the rest of the world and not to go as far as spending money to buy a private investigator, the rate of spousal infidelity remains no less similar.

According to a study by the renowned Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender & Reproduction in 2011, 19% of women and 23% of men admitted to being adulterous. “Admitted” here is the keyword. Moreover, the definition of adultery seems to be rather nebulous from one person to another, on the same Bill Clinton would acquiesce.

Peggy Vaughn, the author of The Monogamy Myth, says that 60% of men and 40% of women will have a sexual adventure out of union at least once in their life.

A study from the University of Washington shows that 62% of men and 46% of women who cheated on their spouses did so with a co-worker. Long live telecommuting!

Nevertheless, the figures above are disturbing.

Do you sometimes have doubts about the loyalty of your partner?

Here are some words collected confidentially by private investigators who are all too familiar with the “modus operandi” of the unfaithful partners. In general, some clues do not lie. Here they are:

Narcissistic and selfish personality

This type of person only lives in the present moment when any immediate gratification is judged fair and good. The narcissistic leitmotif “ME, STILL ME AND NOTHING ELSE” prevails. If your dear half is the typical portrait of the total hedonist, be careful. This kind of person is not recognized to remain stoic in the face of temptations. Is the person vain and has a constant need for compliments? It is a non-negligible feature.

Change of attitude

Any sudden change of attitude is a suspect. You received 20 text messages from your darling and suddenly the number of messages drops dramatically? Sweetheart comes back later, starts the job earlier, starts playing sports, or have a new hobby with friends you do not know? Your partner becomes more distracted or on the contrary, shows a good general mood unexplained? Your partner begins to love you differently? Warning! While this is of course not a proof in itself, behavioral change is one of the first signs of infidelity.

Unsatisfactory sexual life

A sexual intercourse per week suits you, your barley sugar would gladly take 4 more. Among the infidels, it is an unsatisfactory, deficient intimacy; the frustration that results in a need for vitality and passion in bed. If your spouse says they are slightly dissatisfied with your relationship, hold it for that. Sexual dissatisfaction is said to be the cradle of infidelity.

In addition, very few men and women leave their marriages or mention their infidelity, because they would consider their behavior as a way of preserving their relationship by looking elsewhere for what their relationship cannot provide. “I was just about to talk to you about it …”; isn’t it the most pronounced lie by someone caught in the act?

The electronic secret

A password on the cell, a second password on the cell after five minutes of inactivity, a password on certain features of the computer, on the internet connection to the computer itself and the search engine could be a definite sign. The person only accesses his Facebook account when you are not at his side. They don’t keep their emails or call history. His cell statement is sent directly to the office – not to the home. This person does not access his personal emails in front of you. If you catch the person and the person minimizes his screen in response to your presence, it’s a bad sign – A very bad sign, unless your other half is a double agent. This person does not let you use his computer. The cell phone of your lover is never left alone and goes to accompany the person in the bathroom – very suspicious.

New meetings

Beware of new encounters and friendships that exclude you. Indeed, our detectives have seen all the colors. Whether it’s a bimbo real estate agent with breasts redone with whom sir has deceived his pregnant wife, the European financial adviser always well set and go, the babysitter young and impressionable, or the best friend of the wife who pays him a thousand compliments, but who never invites you to play golf; be at attention! Oklahoma City Private Investigators, a private detective agency in Oklahoma City, OK noticed that they only saw three or four cases where one of the partners was unfaithful with an unknown total. Most of the time, the person was a family member, a neighbor, colleague, friend, dermatologist, personal trainer, etc.

Oklahoma City Private Investigators

If the points above are only general guidelines, it is rather a narcissistic tendency that unites the vast majority of unfaithful spouses. If not, it is a sudden change of attitude and/or lack of transparency. Is it in the nature of the human being to be faithful? According to an Oklahoma City Private Investigator, “I see the worst of the human beings all day … it’s my livelihood. Do you really want my honest opinion about it? “

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