Love vs Arranged Marriages

Even though it may be hard to believe, arranged marriages still exist in this day and age. The concept of arranged marriage is often frowned upon by western societies, whereas in most regions of the east, mainly south-east Asian countries, arranged wedding ceremonies are considered to be the norm. However, it is interesting to note that UNICEF has verified statistics to prove that the divorce rate in the case of arranged marriages is merely 4%, whereas, in the case of love marriages, the divorce rate is a whopping 55%!  Should people be considering arranged marriage more than love marriage?

Let’s explore both sides.

The Case For and Against Love Marriages

Even though the divorce rate for love marriages is significantly high, the satisfaction and comfort a person can receive from getting married to someone they know and love is, obviously, unmatched. However, it is suspected that due to the pressures that come with any marriage, the expectations that couples have from each other often put strain on their marriage, as at the time of their wedding they did not heavily take into account their significant other’s financial stability, future expectations and may not know each other’s families too well. So, even though they are exercising their right to choose for themselves, the couple may be disappointed when their partner does not meet their expectations. However, it is important to note, that in the case of love marriages, wedding officiant Tinsley Keefe believes that personal happiness is the main reason two individuals should get married, rather than the stress of fulfilling other people’s desires.

The Case For and Against Arranged Marriages

Tinsley Keefe, wedding officiant in Oklahoma City has met with many who have had or witnessed disastrous experiences based of arranged marriages. It is safe to assume that many arranged marriages are either forced upon individuals due to religious or cultural practices, or even in exchange for power or mercy! However, what most people may not know is that many people choose arranged marriage, as they believe that their family, especially parents, are more experienced in such matters and would want the best for their child, thus they leave it up to them. There are many people who believe that arranged marriages are far more practical and not based off of emotions, which can make them far more successful. Another myth is that all arranged marriages are forced, as many parents give their children the choice of suitors out of whom they can reject or accept the person they seem to have the best connection with.  It is said that most arranged marriages, after ten years become twice as strong, whereas, in love marriages, the bond weakens as time goes on.

Wedding officiant from OKC, Tinsley Keefe is biased when it comes to love versus arranged marriages, as she feels that the couple should have more time and more say when it comes to choosing the person they want to marry. I am sure that all other open-minded and liberal wedding officiants from Oklahoma would agree.

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