Industrial Style Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

Wedding ceremonies are a special occasion that binds two people together where they vow to spend their entire life together. Like most people, you too must have dreamed about your dream wedding. If you want to do something, chic and trendy why not try a contemporary Industrial style wedding. Call your wedding officiant OKC today and start preparing for your industrial style wedding; here are some unique ideas for an unforgettable same-sex wedding.

Choose an Industrial Venue

Industrial venues for your wedding add a different perspective to your wedding. It’s something unique and interesting. Consult a wedding planner and ask for an industrial venue. An industrial venue is like a blank canvas, you can add anything to it to make it your own. Time to start your weddings preps and arrange everything from the menu, wedding officiant, décor, your outfits and much more.

Create a Perfect Backdrop

Industrial spaces don’t come with a designated alter area which means you have to come up with your alter. You have endless possibilities to have an altar of your dreams. Be as creative as you want that’s the beauty of an industrial style wedding the plain backdrop is perfect for creating your own customized altar area where you can marry the partner of your dreams solemnized by a respectable wedding officiant in Oklahoma.

Decorating the Wedding Table

Industrial venues can come off as cold and boring but that’s what you need for a chic modern day same-sex wedding. Light up the dull but magnificent industrial venue with plenty of gold and copper décor on the tables. Bright golden chairs with flashy golden tables, flatwork, colorful goldenrods, or lilies as a centerpiece with off white dinnerware and silverware makes up a perfect wedding table.

Unique Wedding Invitations

It’s time to look beyond traditional wedding invitations and choose something that suits or complements your industrial same-sex wedding. Pick wedding invites with geometric shapes unique colors like gold and copper, colorful graphics and sleek fonts. Choose a minimalist design that looks elegant, modern and chic.


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