How To Choose Your Wedding Wine

When planning for your wedding, you realize there are many things you have to see to. From hiring a wedding officiant, to the flowers and guest list, there is much that you have to look into. So when it comes down to finalizing your wedding menu, you also have to decide on the perfect wine you will serve on your reception. Once the wedding officiant from OKC pronounces you husband and wife, it is time to take out the wine and have a celebratory drink.


1.   Think Less Seasonally And Focus More On Your Menu

Traditionally if the wedding is held in the fall or winter season, red wine is served more commonly. If the wedding falls in spring or summer, white wine is the more popular choice. The truth is, your selection of wine does not depend on the time of year or season. You should choose your wine according to your menu. If you are planning on serving chicken, it is safe to have a white or a red wine that’s on the lighter to medium side. Greek wines will go well with fish and seafood. On the whole, choosing trustworthy, well-balanced wines makes wedding ceremonies even more memorable as the guests truly enjoy their meals.


2.   Make Sure You Have Enough Wine, If Not More

It is always better that you have extra wines left over rather than risk running out of wine at your wedding. If you keep three glasses per guest for a dinner, it’s safe to say not only will your guests have ample to drink, you will most likely have leftover wine. The best part is, you can make use of the leftovers as a special gift to your wedding officiant from Oklahoma or your special guests. Or you could take only the leftover wines on your honeymoon. Maybe even stock them in your first bar.


3.   Have A Simple Wine Variety

There is a certain beauty in simplicity. Just as your wedding officiant from Oklahoma City will give a simple yet beautiful sermon, you want to do the same with your wine. Pick a light and refreshing red, white, and sparkling as your guests may have different wine preferences. Just take care you serve your wine cold. The right temperature makes all the difference when you talk about wine. Nobody wants to drink wine that’s not cold.

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