Have a Great Wedding Day and an Even Greater Wedding Night!

The big day is finally here, and you, and your lover are to be married! Isn’t it a sweet feeling? I bet you are so excited! Dr. John Patrick Keefe is a wedding officiant in OKC, and he knows all too well the excitement that happy couples feel before tying the knot. In fact, John Keefe is married himself and experienced this same joy when he said, “I do” to his beautiful bride.

There is obviously much ado when it comes to the wedding day, as there should be, but what about the wedding night? For some, the wedding night is the first time they will be having sex ever! I know that’s hard to believe in today’s society, but I assure you, virgins do still exist. Whether it’s your first time knocking boots or your 1000th, how can you make your wedding night extra special?

Take a look at these wonderful tips given by the master of romance himself, Dr. John Keefe II:

  • Never rush! I know you can’t wait to get your hands all over each other, but savor those first-night-as-a-married-couple moments. Take your tie, and be passionate. Engage in the fine art of foreplay.
  • Try not to overindulge in alcohol. I get it. It’s your wedding day and you want to celebrate with bottoms up (No, not that bottom.), and that’s okay. However, keep your wits about you so that you and your dearly beloved can pleasure one another. You want to remember this joyous occasion, don’t you?
  • Get creative! I recommend having a close friend such as the Best Man and/or Maid of Honor decorate the honeymoon suite (or wherever you’re staying for the night) for you with sexy trinkets, candles, toys, and music. Imagine walking out of the church and into a sex cave. Pretty cool, eh?
  • Wear sexy underwear. This is a no-brainer for the bride as she is certain to have on her slinkiest bra and panties beneath her wedding gown. However, guys can get sort of lazy in this department and simply slide on their everyday boxer shorts. Here’s a tip, dudes: Take a trip to the nearest adult store and purchase a man thong.
  • Don’t be afraid to get wet. Most hotel rooms or honeymoon suites come equipped with a Jacuzzi tub. Use it. Fill that baby up with bubbles, rose petals, and suckle some strawberries and champagne. Use your imagination as to what comes next…

See? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to have sex on your wedding night, but it does take some planning to ensure that it is a memorable “roll in the hay.” Whether you go at it like hyenas, or you take it nice and slow like a pair of ballet dancers, remember that it’s quality, not quantity. You can last for hours and hours but if you’re not hitting the hot spots (guys and girls), your wedding night will only be memorable for the wrong reasons.

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