Going Green: An Environmentally-Safe Wedding Trend

An Environmentally-Safe Wedding Trend

Weddings are joyous celebrations of love and commitment but can also have a significant environmental impact. From the carbon footprint of transportation to the waste generated by the single-use decor and food packaging, the environmental impact of same-sex wedding ceremonies and lesbian wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma City can be substantial.

However, a growing trend in the wedding industry is embracing eco-friendly practices to reduce the environmental impact of weddings. Whether it’s the same-sex wedding ceremonies or lesbian wedding ceremonies taking place in Oklahoma City, being environmentally friendly is the way to go. This blog post will discuss how couples can go green on their big day and have a memorable and beautiful wedding.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Wedding Officiant

The wedding officiant in Oklahoma, or the marriage officiant in Oklahoma, plays an important role in any Oklahoma wedding ceremony. Choosing an eco-friendly wedding officiant in Oklahoma City can set the tone for an environmentally conscious wedding in Oklahoma City. When searching for a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, consider finding a same-sex wedding officiant or same-sex marriage officiant who is committed to sustainability.

An environmentally conscious wedding officiant in Edmond, Oklahoma, or a wedding minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma, may also be able to provide suggestions on reducing the environmental impact of your wedding ceremony.

Reducing Carbon Footprint for Wedding Transportation

One of the most significant sources of carbon emissions during weddings is transportation. Wedding couples in Oklahoma City can reduce their carbon footprint by choosing wedding venues that are easily accessible by public transportation or encouraging guests to carpool.

For couples looking to have an elopement wedding ceremony in OKC or a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma City, consider having the ceremony and reception at the same location to reduce the need for transportation. Additionally, choosing a local venue for your wedding can reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the distance traveled by vendors, guests, and the wedding party.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Decorations and Favors

The decor and favors at weddings can also generate a lot of waste. Consider using environmentally friendly decor options, such as potted plants or recycled materials. For favors, consider gifting guests something that is sustainable and useful, such as seed packets or reusable bags. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma can provide suggestions on how to incorporate eco-friendly options into your wedding ceremony.

Reducing Food Waste with Sustainable Catering Options

Any marriage officiant in Oklahoma will tell you that food waste is a significant issue at weddings, with large quantities of food often being thrown away at the end of the night. Wedding couples in Oklahoma City can reduce food waste by working with sustainable caterers who use locally sourced ingredients and donate any excess food to local food banks. Additionally, couples can opt for compostable or reusable dinnerware and utensils to further reduce waste.

Premarital Counseling for a Strong and Sustainable Marriage

While premarital counseling may not directly impact the environmental impact of a wedding, it can help couples build a strong and sustainable marriage. Premarital counseling can help couples understand each other’s values, including their values regarding sustainability, and develop a shared vision for their future together. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma can help with such counseling. This shared vision can help couples make sustainable choices throughout their marriage.

Obtaining a Marriage License and Going Green

Obtaining a marriage license is an essential part of any wedding, but it can also generate waste. Couples can reduce the environmental impact of obtaining a marriage license by opting for digital versions whenever possible. Many states now offer digital marriage licenses, which not only reduce waste but also reduce the time and energy required to obtain a marriage license.

Alternative Wedding Registries for Sustainable Gift Giving

Wedding registries are a tradition that allows couples to receive gifts from their guests to start their new lives together. However, many traditional registry items may not be eco-friendly or sustainable.

Couples can consider alternative registry options, such as asking for donations to a charitable organization, requesting experiences rather than physical gifts, or registering for eco-friendly home goods.

Choosing Sustainable Wedding Attire

Wedding attire is a significant aspect of the wedding day, but it can also have a significant environmental impact. Couples can reduce their impact by choosing sustainable wedding attire options.

This may include opting for vintage or secondhand dresses, choosing dresses made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or organic cotton, or selecting a dress that can be worn again after the wedding.

Using Renewable Energy Sources for Wedding Venues

Wedding venues require a significant amount of energy, but couples can reduce their carbon footprint by choosing venues that use renewable energy sources. This may include venues that have solar panels or use wind energy. Additionally, couples can work with their venue to ensure energy is conserved throughout the wedding day.

Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Options

After the wedding day, many couples go on a honeymoon to celebrate their marriage. Couples can continue their eco-friendly efforts by choosing sustainable honeymoon options. This may include selecting a destination that is easily accessible by public transportation or opting for a local staycation. Additionally, couples can look for eco-friendly accommodations, such as hotels with LEED certification or eco-lodges.

Encouraging Guests to Participate in Sustainable Practices

Couples can also encourage their guests to participate in sustainable practices throughout the wedding day. This may include providing recycling and compost bins, encouraging guests to carpool or use public transportation, and offering plant-based meal options. Additionally, couples can consider providing favors that encourage sustainable practices, such as reusable water bottles or seed packets.

Incorporating Sustainable Practices into Wedding Planning

Finally, couples can incorporate sustainable practices into their wedding planning process. This may include researching vendors who prioritize sustainability, using digital invitations and communication methods whenever possible, and reducing waste by donating leftover wedding items to local charities. Most marriage officiants in Oklahoma and wedding officiants in Oklahoma City would tell you that couples can also involve their wedding party and guests in the planning process to ensure that everyone is on board with sustainable practices.


Going green on your wedding day is a growing trend that allows wedding couples in Oklahoma City to celebrate their love while taking care of the planet. By choosing sustainable practices throughout the wedding planning process and some help from a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, couples can reduce their environmental impact and create a memorable and beautiful wedding day.

Consider working with a same-sex wedding officiant in Oklahoma or a marriage officiant in Oklahoma who is committed to sustainability and can guide on incorporating eco-friendly practices into your same-sex wedding ceremonies or wedding ceremony in general.

Remember that every small effort counts in creating an environmentally-safe wedding trend that can inspire others to follow.

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