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What does a wedding officiant mean? Is It necessary to hire one?

A wedding officiant is a person who leads and solemnizes your wedding as per authority provided by the state law. The officiant is legally recognized by both religious and state institutions. an officiant also assists with the marriage license without which the couple is not legally recognized by the state. Although it is not entirely necessary to avail the services of a wedding officiant/ minister, if you hire our services you avail many benefits and dodge long legal processes.

Should my wedding officiant/ minister be resident of where I’m getting married?

It is absolutely not necessary that your wedding officiant and you must have the same residential city or town. We at life long wedding ceremonies arrange the ceremonies and marriage licenses for couples from all over the states. Your wedding officiant should only be legally authorized by the state.

Do you cover only weddings?

We cover and arrange a variety of events and put immense efforts to make it your most memorable day. we can make arrangements anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, christenings, memorials, engagement Parties, elopements and even Eco-Friendly and Green Weddings.

Do we arrange and support LGTB and minority marriages?

Yes! Our wedding officiant in Oklahoma City does not discriminate and believes in making marriage their most memorable day. Our ministers are qualified by both law and regional organizations to solemnize your wedding. We wed couples of all minor and major religions including the interfaith couple. We support and are happy to all heterosexual and  LGTB couple marriage. We also arrange marriage licenses for all our customers.

Is our arrangement schedule flexible?

We can arrange the perfect ceremony throughout the phases of the morning, evening and night, on a busy weekday and a relaxing weekend. we can arrange a variety of venues for you as well.  Any day you like can be scheduled for the wedding. We also respect our customer’s religion and traditions and hence we make the best efforts to blend in with your happiness. Our members are happy to adopt the attire according to your wedding theme or any other ceremony for a day. Religious, traditional, casual, you say it and we adopt it. We also arrange costume weddings as per request.

Is Premarital Counselling is about location discussion? How does it benefit me?

Life long wedding ceremonies are motivated to arrange better and long-lasting marriages. Pre-marital counseling is our service aimed at counseling all couples to understand the depth of married life. Our highly qualified counselor Dr. Samorsing helps confused couples whether they are ready for marriage or not. Through questions and answers sessions we help our clients develop a clear understanding and further strengthen the bond between couples. We want to encourage happy marriages and through availing our premarital counseling you can in just 30 dollars you can get counseling sessions and marriage licenses as well. Apart from pre-marital counseling, we also do free destination and arrangement counseling with all our packages.