Embrace Your Inner Geek with A Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

What could be more beautiful than having a magical medieval wedding? Basing your medieval wedding off the HBO series, “Game of Thrones,” that’s what. Rumor has it that Dr. John Patrick Keefe, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, has a very geeky writer on his staff that is absolutely in love with the Game of Thrones franchise. I won’t name any names, but I will say that she’s a pretty cool chick.

Moving on to the topic at hand, would you and should you reenact a scene from everyone’s favorite Sunday night TV show? Yes! It would be a stunning wedding. In fact, I think if King Joffrey would be in attendance, he might just crack a smile, and not because someone was being tortured, either.

The Venue: As you probably already know, many of the scenes of Game of Thrones are shot in Northern Ireland and Scotland. If you happen to live over that way, great! Part of the battle is already won for you. However, if you live in the United States, like myself and Dr. John Keefe II, you’ll have to make do with the rustic countryside. Create your version of King’s Landing or Castle Black. Step out onto an old country road and look for old barns, forests, and other outdoor scenery that mimics medieval flair.

If you want your wedding indoors, choose a venue that is reminiscent of the Great Hall of the royal palace. You might have to do some searching for such an extravagant place to hold your wedding, but I assure you, it’ll be worth your time.

Invitations: There are so many ways you can design your wedding invitations that would surely put a big old grin on Tyrion Lannister’s face. Consider using thick, slightly yellowed cardstock for an old-timey feel. If you’re a fan of Daenerys, there is nothing more befitting than adorning your invitations with a dragon. Remember, no correspondence is complete without a Lannister red wax seal.

Bridal Gown: If you wish to channel the Queen of the North, wearing a floor length lace mermaid gown with a delicately beaded neckline will certainly have folks thinking that they are seated before Cersei herself.

Wearing a winter bridal gown complete with a mink stole is the perfect idea when you wish to marry John Snow…er…your fiancée. Don’t forget to have a couple of wolves sitting by your side.

Princess Sansa would be happy to see your hair hanging in long tendrils of curls down your back with a braided crown atop your head. Consider how elegant this hair style looks. Most women wore their hair like this during the medieval times when they married.

The Reception: Do it up royal at your reception with a full-length table seated before your guests where you, your partner, and your wedding party shall sit. Most medieval wedding receptions were held outside. Remember King Joffrey’s wedding? How could you forget, right? Just don’t serve any pigeon pie and things should be fine. Reception tables should be wooden and decorated with wild flowers.

I think having a Game of Thrones themed wedding is a superb idea, and I know for a fact that Dr. John Keefe would love to officiate one. These are just a handful of ideas you can employ at your Game of Thrones wedding. Get creative, and may the god’s forever show you forever.

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