Dr. Tinsley Keefe Shares on How to Make the Best Wedding Memories

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Making good memories at your wedding is a given. At least, that is what you tell yourself. That is also what you hear from others. The only problem is . . . sometimes making those memories are harder than you think. Your wedding should revolve around you and your fiancé, but that is not always how it plays out. There are different reasons why you might dread certain aspects of the big day.

Maybe you have to invite an obnoxious family member to placate the others? Or perhaps your fiancé invited a friend that you do not get along with? Regardless of the reason, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has seen numerous wedding ceremonies and receptions in Oklahoma City where the bride or groom is festering with unwanted emotions. She also notes that unwanted emotions can ruin the memories of your wedding day, and you are best to avoid them at all costs.

There are several ways to let back and relax during the events, which is exactly what you deserve. Dr. Tinsley Keefe pulls from her experience as a wedding officiant with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma and stresses the importance of making memories that last a lifetime. The first step is to spend time with your husband/wife. You did just marry them, after all. By spending as much time with them as possible, you will make it difficult for negative emotions to interrupt your happiness.

This also wards off most obnoxious people with a reputation for ruining the mood. On the other hand, if your obnoxious person is extra-obnoxious, Dr. Tinsley Keefe urges you to try the next step. So the person approached you and your lover. They ruined the mood, and now you are both a bit annoyed. Step two can be done either together or separately depending on the location of your friends. If the bridesmaids and groomsmen are together, proceed hand-in-hand to have a drink with them. Get rowdy and laugh like a crazy person. No one will blame you on your wedding day.

Otherwise, separate and enjoy the time away from your other half. You just got married, after all. You will be seeing them a lot. Tinsley Keefe pulls out one last tip that festers from her time spent with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OKC: break away from everyone else. This step will only work at your wedding reception. If you leave in the middle of your wedding ceremony, chances are people will notice and they will not be happy. If you are at the reception and you have made a decent amount of happy memories, then grab your lover and simply escape.

If anyone notices you leaving, walk faster or hide. Make it an adventure. You and your husband or wife can pull a “James Bond” and ninja your way out of there. Would that not be a stellar memory to look back on? Otherwise you can take over a broom closet at the venue and have sex with your partner twenty feet away from dozens of wedding guests. Happy memories all around!

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