Dr. Tinsley Keefe Explains That You Can Go Braless on Your Wedding Day | & Any Other Day


Let us talk about an issue that many people do not recognize as an issue: the “necessity” of bras. Growing up, we are told that bras are necessary. We cannot go to school without a bra on. We cannot go to work without a bra on. What exactly is so wrong about not wearing a bra? Our nipples are not loaded weapons. Our cleavage is not going to pull out a gun and shoot up the street.

Dr. Tinsley Keefe Explains That You Can Go Braless on Your Wedding Day

Our society is drowning in things like poverty, violence, and hunger – things that are “socially acceptable” for kids to experience – and yet . . . our breasts our too much? Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has been a wedding officiant with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma City for plenty of years, and in her time she has witnessed the sexist stigma of breasts personally and secondhand. Whether it is the brides who choose not to wear bras or the guests who opt out of suffocating their breasts, it does not and should not matter.

The real question is: why? If you pay close attention to society, you will find that the people bashing braless women are often extremely religious, superstitious, older and uneducated, or simply have so many hold-ups about their own self-image that they reflect their pain onto others. In her experience as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Dr. Tinsley Keefe has witnessed the tearing down of her own brides due to their disinterest in bras.

The biggest thing to remember is that it is their wedding and they should be able to do as they damn well please. People seem to forget that breasts are not just a sexual object – they are beautiful creations used to nurture and strengthen our children. They are beautiful creations that we should not feel ashamed of simply because fearful bigots do not understand.

Maybe you do not understand. Maybe you want to try. Picture this: you are getting married. If you are a woman, you have experienced firsthand the difficulty in finding bras that fit just right. There are women out there that have not found that perfect bra yet . . . and maybe they never will. Sure, bras are available in different sizes based on your cup size and length around. What about shape? Breasts are beautiful in the sense that each pair is unique.

They come in different sizes with different distinguishing characteristics, but more importantly they come in different shapes. Some women have tried their entire lives to find a bra that does not hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable, and with no success. Having met several of those women during her time as a wedding officiant in OKC, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe only has one thing to say. It is YOUR wedding. If you cannot find a bra that fits you perfectly, then screw it! You do not need a bra on your wedding day. You deserve comfort over so-called “professionalism”.

What are breasts to you? If your answer is sexualized or privatized in any way, then maybe you are the one that needs to reevaluate certain aspects of your life.

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