Dr. Tinsley Keefe & the Christmas Wedding of Your Dreams

Who does not want a delightful Christmas wedding? Well, besides those that do not like Christmas of course. Christmas weddings are full of happiness and joy. Simply put, they are magic. Unfortunately, Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe knows from her experience as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City that Christmas weddings can go very wrong if they are not planned right. Lucky for you, she not only knows how to plan them right . . . but she knows how to plan them perfectly! The first thing Dr. Tinsley Keefe advises on is the date of the wedding. Despite the wedding being Christmas-themed, you will want to avoid holding the wedding on Christmas day. There are too many snags with people wanting to spend time with their close immediate family or friends that you might not have anybody show up to your wedding.

Christmas Wedding of Your Dreams

The best times to throw a Christmas wedding ceremony are early to mid-December dates. You still get the magical experience that comes with the season, and you still get friends and family showing up to celebrate the occasion with you. The next thing that can make or break a Christmas wedding has to do with the decorations and venue. Dr. Tinsley Keefe has seen Christmas-themed weddings that are hardly Christmas-themed during her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma. She points out the significance of choosing between a normal wedding and a Christmas-themed one. You can have a wedding in December without bringing the holidays into it, but do not mislead others into thinking it is Christmas-themed. If you are throwing a Christmas wedding, you need to decorate for it.

Get a few Christmas trees and light them up – put up wreaths and mistletoes and holly – maybe even color-coordinate your wedding attire for Christmas-themed colors. Imagine the bride in a beautiful white or red dress with the groom in the opposite colored tux. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has also picked up a few Christmas themed activities to do at your wedding reception while working with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies as a wedding officiant in OKC. If you get enough people to agree, try organizing a secret Santa. Instead of everyone bringing wedding gifts for the lucky couple and piling them on a nondescript table, they could put the presents under the Christmas trees.

Regardless, if you use your common sense when planning your Christmas themed wedding then you will not struggle. Follow Tinsley Keefe’s tips and your Christmas wedding will be just as magical as it is in your dreams. If you are a big Christmas lover, then a Christmas wedding is a must-have. Even if your significant other is not as huge of a fan, you can still make it memorable enough that they will not care. Provided the wedding goes off smoothly with minimal drama, everybody will have happy memories of the big day. You will be looking back on your Christmas wedding with a huge smile.

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