Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Shares 3 Wedding Themes for 2017

wedding officiant in oklahoma city

wedding officiant in oklahoma cityWedding season is coming – some might say it is already here. Regardless, we have to prepare ourselves for the exciting journey of pre-wedding preparation. This includes choosing a wedding theme. While the general wedding theme is a black tux-white dress and cliché church ceremony, Dr. Tinsley Keefe – a wedding officiant with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma City – explains that many younger couples are spicing up their ceremonies with unique and colorful ideas. The decision often lies with the couple about to be married. If you are having difficulty agreeing on a theme, hopefully these three ideas will help you get creative.

Galaxy Wedding 

Whether you buy a dress and tux that melts into outer space, decorate your venue to appear as the galaxy we fantasize about, or buy out of this world food, entertainment, or even wedding cake – the outcome is sure to be amazing and memorable. Tinsley Keefe recalls a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma that donned a space theme, and the outcome had been nothing short of mind-blowing. Imagine the bride wearing a dark purple and blue dress while the groom wears a midnight blue or black tux. Picture yourself walking down an aisle surrounded by beautiful stars and alluring colors. Maybe a galaxy themed wedding is what you need.

Cross-Fandom Wedding 

The issue could be that you are a Harry Potter fan while your fiancé prefers Star Wars. Why not come to a compromise? We have all heard of one-fandom weddings. There have been plenty of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight themed weddings. If you think about it, you do not really hear of a wedding with two different themes. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has witnessed Game of Throne weddings numerous times as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, but she stresses her desire to witness a wedding that branches out and includes two ends of the spectrum. Just imagine walking down the aisle in a Hogwarts robe as your fiancé sports Jedi apparel . . . is that not a magical thought?

Nature Wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding themes you can choose is a nature theme. The venue could be smack-dab in the middle of a breathtaking valley or lakeshore. The bride’s veil could be made of branches and leaves, while her dress is a mesmerizing deep green that matches the trees surrounding the aisle. The groom could wear a dark brown or black tux, representing a branch to lean on. The music could be instrumental and mystical; giving off the impression of wooden nymphs. Lanterns could hang from the branches as homes for the tree fairies. The pictures would be stunning. In the end, choosing a theme should be a fun process. This is your chance to grow closer as a couple. Mix your desires with your partners, and together you will create something breathtaking.

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