Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Gives Advice on Double Weddings

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Having a double wedding should always be a last resort. There are many reasons that weddings should be solo events; the biggest being emotional sanctity. It is your big day. It is your significant other’s big day. Adding two more people to the mix can get messy, and it can also take the attention away from the deed that is being done. Having three times as many people can also make it more expensive than previously expected. Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe notes from her experience as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City that this is why most people decide to have double weddings – to save money. What these people do not understand is that they are risking the potential of fond wedding memories, an unforgettable process, and a magical night in exchange for small savings.

There are, however, rare cases where a double wedding might be both necessary and better than going solo. If the overall wedding is for immediate family members and close friends only, then the onslaught of extra people might not be that big of a problem. Double weddings can save money in the sense of booking venues, food, and entertainment. Dr. Tinsley Keefe stresses the importance of having a double wedding with people you are very close to. Do not share such an important day with people who do not mean that much to you. Witnessing messy situations at weddings during her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe recommends the strong connection to be between all four people.

You do not want to plan a double wedding with your best friend when your fiancé does not get along with their significant other – and vice versa. If you use common decency when planning a double wedding, then the process can save you money and still be magical. One of the biggest things Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe stresses, knowing from her experience as a wedding officiant in OKC, is that despite the double wedding, two separate ceremonies should be held. If this is not an option, then each couple’s vows should be given special light and different times to make them unforgettable. By following that simple rule, if everything else goes wrong, then at least one thing will go right.

The biggest key factor in having a happy double wedding is in making sure that the cost is split evenly –down to a tee. If one couple ends up paying more than the other, then animosity can form and potentially ruin things. Tinsley Keefe needs to point out one more time that double weddings should not be done unless necessary or very small. She has seen enough of them in her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma to know that even then, they can still go wrong. If a double wedding is necessary and the steps are taken to avoid possible failures, then the outcome can and will be amazing.

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