Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe Discusses How to Throw the Best Jailhouse Wedding

Nobody needs to know why or how, but you are in jail. You might still have a while before you get out, or maybe you are just tired of waiting. Regardless, somehow you have fallen in love and now you want to get married. Do not start stressing. What most people forget is that marriage is possible when you are behind bars, and it can be just as magical. Jailhouse weddings are more common than you would think, especially in a world where people fall in love more easily and frequently. Whether you are in love with another inmate or someone you have been writing, you can still tie the knot with them without any setback. In fact, even for those not getting married, a jailhouse wedding can brighten an averagely dreary day.

Of course, there are tricks to the trade. Wedding officiant Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has been attending jailhouse wedding ceremonies while working with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma City, and she has learned the ins and outs of throwing the best jailhouse wedding. The first thing is the obvious – clothing. Most people envision themselves in a beautiful wedding dress that is simply perfect, but at a jailhouse wedding that might not happen. If your place of stay allows you to wear a wedding dress, you might have to wear a cheaper dress that is more affordable in the moment. If you already have a dress waiting to be used, then you might be in luck. The biggest thing Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe wants you to remember is that clothing does not make or break a jailhouse wedding. If the feelings are there, it will be just as magical in a jail jumpsuit as it is in a wedding dress.

She’s experienced jailhouse weddings gone wrong as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, which is why Dr. Tinsley Keefe points out the importance of having relevant people at your jailhouse wedding. Most jails will allow you to invite your friends and family – inmates or not – and that can definitely help set the mood. Being surrounded by people that you love and vice versa will help create memories that will last a lifetime regardless of where the ceremony takes place. The last thing that Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe recommends from her experience as a wedding officiant in OKC is to throw a reception after you get out of jail. Having a jailhouse wedding is fun and holding a small jailhouse reception is also a fun escape from the dullness of being locked up, but nothing will compare to that big, happy reception where you can actually drink and have fun without repercussions.

If you remember that marriage should always be founded by love, then a jailhouse wedding might be perfect for you. Knowing you have your life partner waiting for you might be enough happiness to get you through your sentence. Just remember that love is not specific to a certain location. You can find love anywhere, including jail.

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