Dr. John Patrick Keefe II’s Guide to Hooking up at a Wedding

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Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in OklahomaAre you a single guy or girl? Did you know that weddings are one of the best places to finding a date? Shucks, some people have even been known to find their future husband or wife at a friend’s wedding! This article details some of the many ways to find that special someone while partying it up at a wedding. John Keefe, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, has seen many stag guys and girls find each other on the dance floor.

  • Show up single – Even if the invitation says that you can bring a date, don’t do it! The chances of you are hooking up at your friend’s wedding greatly increase when you are there alone.
  • Ask your cronies for some help – Elbow your best mate to point you in the direction of other solo wedding guests. Once you spot them, make your way over to the punch table and hang out until you see a potential coming your way. Maybe, you can get your seat at the wedding next to a single guy or girl. Yeehaw!
  • Remain focused – The first order of business is for you to figure out who is signal and who is not. This is one advantage of the dreaded single’s table; everyone is in the same boat. Center your efforts on one individual that tickles your fancy. You do not want to be “that” girl or guy who is flirting with every single person on the dance floor.
  • Speaking of the dance floor, go there! – Get your booty out on the dance floor and shake your money maker! Nothing allows you to mingle better with other singles than dancing the night away. Who knows? Maybe Mr. or Mrs. Right will shimmy on up next to you and do “the dab.”
  • Cool, your jets – Dr. John Patrick Keefe says that you should always know when to back off. If your flirtation is not reciprocated, let it go. Being pushy is even more off-putting with a roomful of wedding guests watching. Plus, you do not want to come off as desperate.
  • Enjoy the alcohol bar, but don’t get drunk – It might help you loosen up a tad to knock a few cocktails back, but don’t get shitty. You want to remember your hookup, don’t you?
  • Confirm single status – So, you have scored a make-out partner for the night, eh? Congrats! Now, be vigilant in confirming that the guy or girl you are hooking up with is truly single. You do not want to be pegged as a hoe bag because you sucked faces with someone that is taken.
  • Dr. John Keefe says to ‘get a room” – Seriously folks; there is no need to be groping each other on the dance floor. The guests came to see a wedding, not a consummation.
  • Change your clothes – After your night of hooking up, don’t show up to the wedding brunch in the morning in the dress you wore the night before.
  • Spare us the details – John Keefe says to save the kissing and telling for later. There is no need to delve into these details during the wedding festivities.

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