Divorce Impacts Children

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that everyone wishes to have. Every person desire to have a loving life partner with whom he/she can live happily ever after. Wedding officiants make their wedding memorable and wish them bright future. Unfortunately, not all marriages are successful. There are number of reasons that aid in breaking this relationship. Moreover, Studies have revealed that the divorce rate in America is 50%. This percentage is very high. However, Divorce has devastating impacts on children. When their parents get apart, they suffer a lot.

How children get affected by Divorce?

Divorce of parents and the circumstances that led their
parents to divorce, ruin the future of many children as it places an
everlasting impact on their minds.

Mental Health

Whenever a couple opts for divorce, they had bad past experiences with each other. The continuous fights and hatred among parents make the atmosphere stressful at home. The shouting and hate speech destroys the mental health of a child severely. Further, the stress and tension in such tender age make his/ her personality miserable.  His mental capabilities get stopped instead of growing. The mind that needs to be taught how to be progressive ends up in mental torture. The separation of their parents puts them in a situation where they have to choose one. In such scenarios, a child suffers worst.

Physical Health

Mental health is associated with physical health. The health
of a stressed person gets affected badly. For example; the continuous mental
torture and stress didn’t let a person to sleep. Proper sleep is mandatory for
a person to stay healthy. Moreover, the stressed person faces loss of appetite
and also the stomach gets affected. Children are sensitive than adults. If an
adult is facing such circumstances after being stressed then a child will get
more severe health shocks. The weakness will increase with time and gradually
his health gets poor.

Emotional Instability

Sadly, such children lose their emotional stability. They become patients of hypertension. Also, they overreact to every situation. The continual stress and depression makes their life restless. They don’t trust anyone. Moreover, these children don’t socialize and prefer to stay alone. They don’t feel love and affection for anyone.

Lack of self confidence

As mentioned above, such children don’t socialize and have nervous personalities. They do not have any self confidence and try to avoid the situations where they have to face bulk of people. Also, these children don’t feel good at schools. Their academic record is not satisfactory as well. They fear teachers and their class fellows. In short, the children that experience the bad relationship of their parents, grow up with a timid personality. However, If someone wants to console them, they react harsh.


Unfortunately, the impacts on mental health, physical
health, emotional instability and self confidence remains on the suffered child
even when he/she grown up. The miserable personality and bad academic records
affects his/her career in adult life.

Therefore, the parents should think about their children
when deciding to get divorced. They should prefer to sought out their issues
instead of separation.

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