Coming out as a Transgender Wedding Officiant | Dr. Tinsley Keefe Shares

This should not even be an issue. The fact that transgender people have to actually worry about coming out to their clients is disturbing – or rather, humanity is disturbing for giving birth to intolerant, bigoted opinions. Fortunately, the universe is not completely devoid of decent human beings and Dr. Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe is going to share some tips on how to reach those not yet influenced by the prejudiced views of society.

Coming out as a Transgender Wedding Officiant

As a transgender wedding officiant spending her time in Oklahoma City, Dr. Tinsley Keefe is no stranger to close-minded people. Her confidence used to waiver in the face of sharing her personal self with her clients; almost as if she were holding back a secret. That realization is what grabbed her self-esteem and throttled it into high power . . . that realization is what made Dr. Tinsley Keefe declare honesty above fear.

The fear might always be there, but you do not have to let it win. Regardless of what gender you are, you still have the ability to perform your job at the highest standard. Being honest does not necessarily mean being blunt; in fact, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe recommends the opposite. A subtle approach can be rewarding, provided you do not let fear take the wheel.

During her time as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, Tinsley Ariana Taylor Keefe has experienced her fair share of heartbreaking reactions when coming out as transgender to her clients. Due to those experiences, Tinsley Keefe knows as best as anyone that fears can be a difficult thing to overcome. Regardless, overcome it you must. In order to achieve the benefits of the ultimate subtle approach, Tinsley recommends bringing up topics related to your experience as a transgender on a somewhat regular basis.

Whether it is related to transitioning, surgeries, recovery, or offhand comments about your M2F or F2M experiences – as long as it is subtle and friendly, eventually the overall objective will be met. The biggest thing that Tinsley Keefe has learned as a wedding officiant in OKC is that kindness can be the most effective type of overkill. If all else fails or you prefer to get it all out in the open immediately, her recommendation is honesty flooded with kindness.

If the outcome is outing your clients as vicious, blinkered assholes . . . continue working with them and continue showering them with kindness. Tinsley is not talking about a simple sweetness in the tone of a few words, but rather overwhelming, infinite kindness. One of the hardest things to do for any human – decent or not – is treat never-ending kindness with cruelty. Do they deserve your kindness? No. Do they deserve the emotional happiness that comes with your kindness? Absolutely not . . . But do you deserve the satisfaction of being a beautiful person on both the inside and the outside? Not only do you deserve that satisfaction, but you deserve the confidence that it will bless in your heart and soul.

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