Are Christian Bakers “Prejudiced” When Denying Service to Same Sex Couples? Tinsley Keefe Answers

Are Christian Bakers "Prejudiced" When Denying Service to Same Sex Couples? Tinsley Keefe Answers

We have seen the occurrence probably too many times throughout the recent years: a Christian – or other religious fanatic of sorts – will deny their services to a same sex couple based on the fact that they are a same sex couple. During her years working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has watched the prejudiced situations ruin the happiness of those denied basic human rights. Considering the denial of services is also based on something out of their control, it is easy to say that yes, Christian bakers that deny their services to same sex couples are being prejudiced.

Not only that, but Tinsley Keefe strongly recommends that they reconsider their approach if they do not want to lose business. Furthermore, their prejudiced views could bite them in the ass more than they realize. It is in a human’s nature to gossip until their tongue is dry and ears are bleeding. If you deny even one same sex couple your services, you risk the entire community finding out via angry social media posts and public shaming.

Regardless of whether your views are prejudiced, you do (unfortunately) have the right to exercise your disapproval for same sex marriages outside of the workplace. No one gives a crap what you might or might not think about gay people. You are free to silently judge all you want. However, when you bring those intolerant views into the workplace, you are making a colossal mistake. Tinsley Keefe hopes to avoid the broken hearts of same sex couples while working in her Oklahoma wedding officiant business. This is why she offers advice to those struggling with intolerant beliefs.

While her true objective will always be to propose and spread respect, Tinsley also points out that regardless of who the business is from: it is still business. If you are working, you are working for a reason. You have bills to pay, things you want, things you need – all of which you need money to acquire. With business comes money, and so . . . is it really worth denying services to a same sex couple, losing money in the process, simply because you carry intolerant views on same sex marriages?

Tinsley Keefe knows from working as a wedding officiant in OKC that it does not matter whether or not you offer your services to same sex couples because they will find the same services somewhere else. While this might seem like even more reason to turn them away, in the end it truly is not. The outcome is literally pointless – they still get what they want, and you lose business and respect in the process.

In the end, you can save so much trouble by treating same sex couples like any other customer that comes in wanting your services. They are not tainted, and neither is their money. The only thing you are doing by denying them your services is giving your business a bad name and giving those you deny unnecessary trouble.

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