Rehearse Your Wedding To Make It A Perfect Day

Wedding Rehearsal

You cannot be done with the wedding preps by just booking the right venue, paying the caterers, buying the dress, hiring the wedding officiant OKC and sending invites to your guest list. If you want your day to be picture perfect then you should be paying attention to the details though rehearsing the wedding before the actual day.

You can conduct a wedding rehearsal and invite everyone who can be a helping hand in practice. It can be surprising for you but you can even invite wedding officiant in Oklahoma City at and they would happily accept the invitation. You can ask your wedding officiant to bring along the script for an effective rehearsal.

It entirely depends upon the couple which parts they want to rehearse, there is no hard and fast rule on how to go about it. Both can mutually decide which parts need to be paid attention to and start in this manner.

If you both are still confused where to start from then here is a list of things that need to part of your big day rehearsals.

Know the Number of People Involved At the Wedding Ceremony

You would be needing a big rehearsal if you have plenty of people contributing and participating in the wedding. There must be multiple people who will be walking down the aisle before you or after you according to your traditions. Some important people would be accompanying you on the stage while you exchange vows.

The Order of Procession

Finalizing the order of procession is one of the most important things. You need to align who will lead the ceremony and who else follows. You might decide both parents to start it or you also have an option of getting it started by your wedding officiant Oklahoma to initiate the procession.

Deciding who you will be escorted by should be assorted before the rehearsal. If you both don’t want to be escorted by any of the parents as they will be leading the procession then it is absolutely right. You both have the option to decide what you want your day to be like.

Walk Down the Aisle on the Same Pace

You don’t need to worry about coping with your escort footsteps pattern. All you need to do is live in the moment and make it yours. Walk along the music and don’t try to follow each other, or else your walk would be clumsy and you will look disturbed. Practice walking together at the same pace rather than a pattern.

Order of Recession

Procession and recession are two of the most important parts of wedding ceremonies. You also need to sort out the order of people while they recess. Usually, the couple comes down the aisle together followed by the parents, bride’s maids and best men in pairs after that officiant leaves. If you are still not convinced by this sequence then you can create your own order of recession.


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