7 Magical Ways to Show Your Mom How Much You Love Her on Your Wedding Day

Your mom is a super special lady, isn’t she? Giving her little girl away to someone else is a bittersweet moment for her. She’s joyous because you have found the love of your life, but she’s also a bit sad because her task of training you is now over. You’re all grown up! Show her how much she means to you in seven sweet ways on your wedding day.

  • Add One of Her Recipes to Your Reception Menu

This is seriously such a sweet idea, and your mom will love it! Your guests will also love it because who doesn’t adore mom’s cooking? Choose a recipe that means something to you such as a casserole or dessert that she always made when you were growing up. Make sure to note in the reception program or bulletin that this is your mother’s recipe and give a little background story about it.

  • Invite Her to Walk You Down the Aisle

Asking your mom to walk you down the aisle is veering off the traditional path, however, it’ll put a huge smile on her face. Talk it over with your dad and see what he thinks. I’m sure he will gladly say yes to the idea because it’s something special for your mother. This option also works out great if your dad is deceased or simply not in the picture.

  • Have a Special Dance with Her

There’s always a father/daughter dance at every wedding reception, but what about dear old mom? After all, she’s the one who gave birth to you after 30 hours of labor, doesn’t she deserve a dance with her daughter, too? Don’t tell your mom that you are planning a mother/daughter dance and surprise her at your wedding with the news.

  • Borrow Something from Her

You know the tradition of having something borrowed, new, and blue? Ask your mom for something “borrowed.” She probably won’t be expecting you to make this request from her as most brides ask their best friend, maid of honor, or sister, so watch her face light up when you ask!

  • Give Her a Special Floral Arrangement

In a way, your wedding day is just as big of an event for your mom as it is for you. She’s letting her baby girl go, and that’s a hard pill to swallow. Honor your mother with a unique bouquet of flowers or a lovely corsage to wear.

  • Recognize Her in the Wedding Program

We all love getting a shout out, right? Make sure to make a special mention of your mother in your wedding program. Imagine her surprise when she reads something heartfelt from her daughter in the bulletin at your wedding.

  • Pamper Her Before Your Wedding

Help your mom relax and get all dolled up before your wedding by treating her to hair, makeup, and nails at the salon. She’ll love that you gave her such a thoughtful gift because it shows just how much you love and adore her.

A wedding is a very special time for the entire family. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in OKC, wants to make sure that you remember your mom on your wedding day. Remember, she’s the reason you’re here.

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