5 Tips on How to Rock Your Role as a Polygamous Husband

Lifelong Weddings OklahomaLiving the life of polygamy is no easy task. Most people that are anti-polygamy believe that the women of the family have it the hardest, and the man has a glorious, easy life because he has all these women around to look after him. This is so not the case. Polygamy isn’t all about sex and being waited on, like so many people think. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in OKC, wants people to know the truth about what life is really like for a polygamous man and how he keeps his wives happy, healthy, and balanced.

Never Favor One Wife Over the Other

This is sort of a no-brainer, but it’s also very hard to do. You see, sometimes, a polygamous husband might feel more affectionate towards a particular wife at a given time. This doesn’t mean that he loves his other wives any less, it just means that he and the wife he is currently doting on had some sort of connection or spiritual grounding. Think about it, have you ever felt more affectionate towards a parent or even a friend during certain times in your life? It’s the same in polygamy.

Now, how the husband chooses to handle his feelings is a whole different ballgame. Obviously, he can’t go parading his increased affections towards another wife in front of her sister wives. This will not only cause trouble for him but for the wife as well. Her sister wives will surely give her the cold shoulder of jealousy. He should show his favor for her in private, as he should do with all of his wives.

Try Not to Forget Important Dates

Lifelong Weddings Oklahoma
Even men in monogamous relationships forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other important life events from time-to-time. It’s crazy to imagine a husband having to keep track of multiple important dates. A good polygamous husband will keep a date book filled with important dates that pertain to each of his wives and their children. He should also keep a list of important dates that involve the entire family.

Don’t Divulge Intimate Details About Sex

One of the biggest questions that non-polygamists have pertains to the sex lives of those practicing polygamy. Number one, these types of questions are very rude, and number two, if a husband divulges this sort of information, he is BEING very rude.

With multiple wives comes multiple personalities. One wife might be a freer spirit than the others. Even if you share intimate details about your freer spirited wife who may not mind, your other wives might. You are a family, and essentially married to each other, and these details are private. You should also never discuss your sex life with one wife to another.

Learn Your Wives’ Emotions Like the Back of Your Hand

Knowing how your wives respond to certain situations and circumstances is key to keeping your marriage harmonious. Your wives are individuals and have different temperaments, feelings, and aspirations. Get to know each one of them intimately. A silly joke may make one of your wives laugh, but it might offend another.

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