4 ways to save before marriage

Wedding in Oklahoma City

If there is one concern that gives many future married couples a hard time sleeping, it is the budget. It’s often challenging to come up with enough funds to cater your dream wedding event in Oklahoma City, OK. We have some tips for you that can really help you cut down some of the unnecessary expense.

Let’s face it, a wedding celebration inevitably demands a number of expenses. Whether you want a simple or more sophisticated event, you will have to have a budget for your wedding dress, wedding suit and accessories. You’ll also need to take care of the rental of the place, the wedding decoration and the various miscellaneous expenses. So, it’s better to be prepared for it!

Here we have put together some of the easiest ways for you to estimate these expenses and plan ahead to set up the big day.

1. Have a precise budget

A mermaid wedding dress, shoes, a bouquet, a suit, a tie, a buttonhole, the meal, the theme and the animations; start by listing all the items and set a budget as accurate as possible for your event.

We recommend that you set a realistic budget so that your Wedding Day preparations in Oklahoma City remain as pleasant as you want it to be. The idea is not to ruin your special day, but rather to allocate just the right sum to your wedding that could do it all without ripping off your pockets.


2. Divide and conquer

Once your wedding budget is set, divide it by the number of months left until your event. This will help you estimate how much money you have to put aside each month to raise the money you need for the wedding.

Even if you’re dreaming of a sumptuous wedding hall decor or a 5-star dinner in Oklahoma City, make sure you save some extra bucks for your daily expenses and for any unforeseen events.

3. Track down unnecessary expenses

Sometimes we spend significant amounts of money on products or activities that are not necessarily very useful. So, prefer walks in nature rather than afternoons under the neon shopping malls and places that push you to buy a lot of things from store to store. Ask yourself if you really need this extra pair of shoes, this shirt or cocktail dress while your closet is already stuffed!

Take a break from the gym membership you seldom use or TV channels that you almost never watch. Cancel those contracts that take money out of your account every month.

4. Choose more economical options

When you have options, get used to choosing the one that will make you spend the least. Over a restaurant outing or a ready meal ordered over the Internet, prefer the purchase of fresh products that you will then cook for two. It’s something that will allow you to share a special moment and eat healthier!

Try some homemade household products with simple and natural ingredients that will save you money and help you eat healthier.

Instead of going on holiday abroad, you can consider visiting all the beautiful destinations locally that we never finished exploring!

Be careful not to forget anything when planning your budget! For example, wedding invitations and other stationery items will have to be included in the list. While it’s easy to remember invitations, sometimes you can forget about the budget of printing all the wedding day stationery, such as the presentation of your original wedding menu that you will display on each guest table.

If you’re looking for a dream wedding on a tight budget in Oklahoma City, Lifelong wedding ceremonies will be your sure shot. Give us a call now and book us for your big day.

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